Homeowners usually spend lots of money on fancy windows. Window blinds are perfect for protecting the windows from harm. Despite the apparent benefits (they provide an aesthetic visual appeal!), many homeowners install curtains instead, proving tedious to maintain. Let us explore the top 5 reasons to deck your home in window blinds the next time you renovate. 

1. Decoration and personalization

Using blinds as a decoration adds a cheerful vibe to the indoor space. It subtly adds the finishing touches a home requires. What’s more, it is available in various colours too. Roman blinds are a perfect example of decorative window blinds.  

You can personalize it in many ways, such as keeping it corded or cordless, specific hardware, etc. In terms of personalization, blinds can be customized with different materials and styles. The number of possible combinations is endless. 

2. Less maintenance

Unlike blinds, curtains require cleaning quite often. Over time, it becomes an expensive affair since you will have to spend money, energy, and time maintaining them. But with blinds, you can use a soft cotton cloth, and you can clean them any time you like. 

Curtains need to be replaced often, but blinds such as vertical blinds can last for a few years. Blinds are undoubtedly the best choice for protecting the house from harsh weather conditions.

3. Privacy and light control

Window blinds allow you to control how much inflow of light you require in the indoor space since they are adjustable. If you wish to block out light completely, that is possible too. It is now possible to change the shade of the indoor space with modern blinds such as Aluminium Venetian blinds. No unwanted light, wind or heat flows through with window blinds.

Apart from light control, window blinds also offer the utmost levels of privacy from strangers and peeping toms. It is very beneficial in densely populated areas where homes and offices are close. You may constantly feel uneasy in this situation since your privacy might be violated.

Blinds are adjustable and block the inside view of the indoor space from outsiders. This way, they cannot peak in. With high privacy levels offered from window blinds, you can go about your daily chores without having to worry.

4. Protection

The sun can be extremely harsh in many parts of Australia. It is known to cause permanent damage to indoor surfaces over time when they are left unprotected. This factor is genuine, especially in the case of wooden floors, which often lose colour and get damaged. You can choose to have sunlight still flow in as natural light without negatively impacting the surfaces of your home. With curtains, you cannot do that. Window blinds can limit how much light you want flowing in. 

5. Savings

Many homeowners believe that window blinds are expensive to buy. However, that is not true. Window blinds can help you save a lot of money by controlling the temperature indoors. How? Blinds keep the heat out in the summer and block heat from escaping in the winters. Thus, you reduce energy bills by not using the air conditioner by controlling the indoor temperature with the blinds.