Why is there so much talk about website accessibility? As the fight for equality for all continues, issues that affect minorities will continue to be brought to the fore. The fact is, making a website accessible is essential for some people to be able to get online. No one should feel that they have been left out, or excluded, from a website that others can access so freely. This issue has taken on even greater urgency over the last couple of years with the emergence of thousands upon thousands of new websites due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you have been looking into making your website accessible, you have likely heard of accessibility overlay. Is this what is needed to make your website accessible?

How important is accessibility overlay?

While it is possible to make your website accessible without the use of an accessibility overlay, it is much easier to use one. There are so many different types of disabilities and so many different changes that need to be made to make a website accessible for each of these different needs. Using an accessibility overlay will take all this work away for you and your company. Rather than manually making all of these changes yourself, you can add the software and let it get to work. It will scan through the code on your site, looking for any areas that may cause accessibility problems. Once it identifies these areas, it will then fix them automatically. Having such an excellent tool sounds like it could be costly or take a while to do. But this isn’t the case. It is a much cheaper option that trying to do it yourself and it could have your website up and running in an accessible way in a matter of days. If like most businesses, your time is very precious to you, then this is a great solution for your website.

The legal issue of accessibility

Website accessibility is now a legal requirement in many countries and so if your website is not, then it could be that you are breaking the law. In fact, in the last few years, the number of lawsuits against companies for not making their websites accessible has risen dramatically. This has damaged or destroyed companies’ reputations for good.


Getting your website accessible is an urgent matter and should not be delayed. Use an accessibility overlay to get fast, effective and cheap results today.