Are you planning on building your personal website? Don’t let mediocrity take over. Even if it’s just a website you create for yourself, the fact that you will be putting it up online means that it can somehow reflect on you. It can affect the perception other people have of you, so give it time and effort. However, make sure that you can manage the commencement and maintenance of the project with ease.

Start with something simple

Noted experts in website design in Oxford suggest making the design simple at first. There’s nothing wrong with coming up with an elaborate design, but doing so may keep you from starting the project as soon as possible. The good thing about modern website building is that you can tweak or completely change things as you please. Gone are the days of having to work with code to implement the slightest modification. Now, new design ideas and can be introduced without too much hassle. 

If you are not satisfied with the simple design, you can adjust or improve it later on. Besides, many of those who build and maintain their personal sites tend to introduce changes every so often. In order to avoid having to go through significant rework or alterations, it’s better to keep things simple at first.

Keep it flexible and scalable

Avoid producing something with fixed sections and a stiff layout. Over time, you will most probably decide to make changes on your site. You may want to have an image gallery in one section, or you may even turn it into an online store. Veer away from excessive customization and fixed design elements in order to implement adjustments later on with ease. Compare your site to yourself. It’s not going to stagnate with the same look and concept forever. Changes are inevitable, so consider making things flexible and versatile.

Show your personality

Avoid copying what others have or following design trends. It’s your personal website, not something you will use to promote a business or product. As such, it should be about you and not too focused on pleasing visitors. Unless you are creating a personal site to project a certain kind of image,  it’s recommended to put up something reflective of your personality and preferences.

Moreover, see to it that you enjoy creating your personal site. If it’s not something you have fun doing, it’s unlikely to turn into something positive and pleasing. Take your time and relish the steps of creating it. Don’t be in a rush to have something online. Even if your goal in creating a personal site is related to a business endeavour, it’s important to enjoy the process so you can think of brilliant ideas and not banal or ridiculous concepts born out of haste.

Ultimately, your personal website should be something that satisfies you. The tips above are only guidelines, but you will most likely appreciate the site you build if you take these pointers into account.