If you are an IBS sufferer or someone that gets bloated very easy then you will know only too well how uncomfortable this can be. As luck would have it, most of us tend to get bloated at the worst possible times, and it can really have a negative impact on our lives. Thankfully there is much that you can do in order to minimize bloating, and also steps that you can take to reduce it when it does occur.  To decrease the problems that you have been having with bloating, here are some tips which could help to resolve the issue. 


What Causes Bloating?

There is really no hard and fast rule around what exactly causes bloating and it can differ from person to person. Generally speaking however the belly swells up when there is either excess gas in the stomach and bowel or when there is a disturbance in the muscles within the digestive system. In a nutshell, bloating is an excess of liquids, gasses or solids in the digestive system. 

Now let’s have a look at what you can do to prevent it. 

Diet Planner 

There are many foods which will trigger bloating in the body and they too differ from person to person, the key for you will be to identify which foods cause the issue in order to avoid them. The best way in which to identify the foods that cause a problem is to make a diary of what you are eating, and add in the times that your stomach becomes bloated. After just a few weeks or a month you will be able to tally up the times that you have been bloated and you should be able to connect it with a certain type of food which you have eaten that day. Pay particular attention to foods such as gluten, lactose and fructose, as these are notoriously bad for causing bloated stomachs. 

Using Supplements 

If this is a regular problem for you then you can look to use supplements which will give your stomach additional strength to fight off the symptoms of bloating. For example you could look to use a product such as Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus which contains therapeutic strains of chemicals such as Probioplex that greatly helps to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal system and aiding to minimize bloating.   

Avoiding Gas 

Carbonated drinks can play havoc with the stomach and you should look to avoid them if you are regularly bloated. The air bubbles in these drinks contain carbon monoxide, which is released from the liquid of the drink once it hits your stomach thus causing bloating. Other things activities which will cause gas in the stomach are drinking through a straw and chewing gum, these can also lead to bloating.