Quitting smoking may be hard, very hard in fact, but it is certainly not impossible with the right approach and mindset. There are a number of ways in which people look to quit smoking of course, some will go cold turkey, others will use patches, and some may even use medication. Whatever method by which you decide to kick your habit, there are some tips which may help you to stay strong and ensure that you stay on your path to a smoke free lifestyle. Here are some tips to bear in mind when you quit smoking. 

Consider Vaping 

Vaping is a much safer option than smoking cigarettes and you can use this to manage your habit and to reduce the amount of nicotine which you are ingesting. All you need is a vape pen and then you can buy refillable pods for as long as you need to. Some people will use vaping as a bridge between cigarettes and quitting, but you may find that you enjoy it enough to continue, and still kick the nasty habit of cigarettes. 

Weight Gain

It is true that many people put on weight when they quit smoking, because they eat snacks instead of reaching for a cigarette. Nobody wants to put weight on of course but a great tip is to ignore this for at least a month or two,and focus on kicking the habit. Try munching on cucumbers and peppers instead of chocolate to keep that weight from going up too much. 

Buddy Up

If you have a friend who wants to give up smoking, then doing it together is a fantastic idea. When you use the buddy system like this you can hold each other accountable and reach out for help and support when you need it. There is also a sense of being in it together, which is going to be important when you feel like reaching for a smoke, as you will not want to let the side down.

Read About Dangers

Once you have quit smoking it is important that you begin to read about the damage which this habit has been doing to your health. This is a type of shock-therapy which isn’t pretty, but which is going to help you to avoid going back to the cigarettes if you are tempted. There is some gruesome stuff out there, but it will help you to stay strong after quitting. 

Rewarding Yourself 

The key to staying on the path to being smoke free is setting yourself small milestones, which could be a certain number of days, weeks, or months. Once you have achieved these milestones be sure to reward yourself with a day out, a nice meal or even buying something new. You will be saving a lot of money when you are not smoking so there is no reason you can’t splash out and treat yourself to something after you have remained smoke free for a certain amount of time. 

Stay strong and reach out if you need help when you quit smoking.