After working hard all your adult life, providing for your family, and fulfilling all the responsibilities without thinking of your own health, dreams, and desires, you deserve a comfortable and stress-free life after retirement.

One of the best ways to live your life post-retirement is to choose to live in one of the best retirement villages in Sydney. A retirement village is a place where you can finally live your life on your own terms without worrying over the responsibilities, everyday maintenance, and expenses that are typically an intrinsic part of life in your own home.

Apart from financial planning for your retirement life, which should ideally begin at least 10 years before your retirement age, it is very important to find and choose the best place as per your vision, interests, and budget. The following guiding tips will help you find the right one among the many retirement villages in Sydney.

  1. Healthcare: Since retirement years require special care and comfort, a good retirement village should have a well-planned and organised system for healthcare and fitness. The village should have a wellness centre comprising fitness centres, swimming pools, well-kept grounds for exercising and walks, and customised wellness programmes. Many retirement villages also have facilities for both indoor and outdoor games and sports like tennis, golf, table tennis, and a dedicated path for walking or jogging.
  2. Community culture: One of the primary reasons for choosing to live in a retirement village is loneliness, so choose a place that has a vibrant community full of warmth and comradery. A community that is like your family and with whom you can bond over common interests, leading to friendships that last a lifetime. The village should also have a library and a central hub for activities, events, and social gatherings, and regularly organise various workshops and hobby classes.
  3. Accessible and safe: The village must be thoughtfully designed with features ensuring accessibility and safety for its residents. Features like well-lit corridors, pathways, and common areas; handrails and emergency alarms at strategic places; ramps; non-skid floors; etc. to support the safe and smooth mobility of the residents. Some retirement villages in Sydney also have automatic lighting and an intercom system for the convenience of their residents. The village also makes sure that transport services are available for the residents to commute to the city as and when required.
  4. Security: The security of the village and its residents is of utmost importance, more so as most retirement villages in Sydney are situated on the outskirts of the city or in an open and quiet area away from the noise and hustle and bustle of traffic. A well-manned gate with a state-of-the art surveillance system covering the grounds and the common areas, and a reliable emergency response system.
  5. Medical care: Most good retirement villages have a permanent in-house doctor and trained caretakers and staff. The villages organise periodic health check-ups and are connected with hospitals in case of emergencies or serious illnesses. The villages either own emergency vehicles like ambulances or are connected to an ambulance service provider.
  6. Recreational activities: Make sure the retirement village has recreational activities that align with your interests. Activities like book clubs, arts and crafts classes, yoga and meditation classes, game and movie nights, and organising trips and outings for the community. Some retirement villages in Sydney also organise various workshops from time-to-time or on popular demand where you can learn a new skill or hone your existing skills.
  7. Dining facilities: A nutritious diet and hygienic meals are important for health, and the retirement villages have a well-appointed, clean, and hygienic kitchen where meals planned by the nutritionist are cooked. Check to see what the available dining facilities and choices are, whether it’s a common dining hall, a café on the premises, or a choice of in-room dining for times when you just do not feel like socialising or are feeling under the weather.

Apart from the above points, you can also find out about inviting guests for overnight stays or having your pet stay with you. You will be surprised by the wonderful facilities and amenities many retirement villages in Sydney have thoughtfully organised for the luxuriously comfortable, safe, well-cared-for, and safe retirement years.