The leaves on the trees have started to change color, filling the world with shades of orange and yellow. The air outside is crisp and smells like pine trees and bonfires. There is pumpkin spice food everywhere and your house just feels like fall. And the best holiday is slowly approaching: Halloween.

Halloween is undeniably one of the funnest holidays. It is a time filled with spooky movies, endless candy, and exciting costumes. When you are younger, Halloween is spent trick-or-treating with your neighborhood friends and ending the night emptying out pillowcases and trading candy. But as you get older, Halloween changes. You now spend Halloween night going to a party with friends, and less candy is involved. But just because you get older, doesn’t mean Halloween stops being fun. Halloween is a holiday that is fun for all ages. If you want this year’s celebration to be extra special, here is how to have a spooktacular Halloween:

1. Go All Out with Your Costume

Halloween night is only as good as your costume. There is only one night a year you get to dress up as whatever you want, wear it out in public, and no one will bat an eye. That means you absolutely have to go all out with your costume! The best Halloweens are always the ones where you spend a lot of time planning out your outfit and love the result. Popular costumes change every year, so stay on top of what 2021 Halloween costumes will be trending. Just whatever you choose, make sure it is an outfit that you are excited to wear, as that will make your Halloween night so much more enjoyable.

2. Prepare for the Event

Just because Halloween is only one night doesn’t mean you can’t spend the week leading up to it in preparation. Prepare for the big event by watching tons of spooky Halloween movies, decorating your house all scary, and making delicious Halloween treats. The days before Halloween can be just as much fun as the actual event, you just have to spend them right! Deck out your house with lots of decorations, like Halloween string lights and spider webs. Check out local theme parks and pumpkin patches and see if they do any fun Halloween events to really get in the spirit.

3. Carve Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a classic Halloween activity that people of all ages should partake in. The best part of carving pumpkins when you are older is that you can experiment more with the designs. Long gone are the days of just doing a smiley face on your pumpkin, you can now get really intricate. Play some festive Halloween tunes, break out your pumpkin carving tools, and let your imagination take over!

4. Make Halloween Drinks

The best part of celebrating Halloween when you’re older… you get to actually drink! Making cocktails is fun all the time, but you can get really creative and unique when it comes to Halloween drinks. Spending time making drinks is a fun activity you and some friends can do together. Some spooky drink ideas are jello shots in syringes, Bloody Mary margaritas, and candy corn martinis. The options are endless!

5. Stock Up on The Candy

Candy is an important part of Halloween, regardless of how old you are. If you are the one throwing the party this year, make sure candy is involved. There should never be a Halloween night that ends without feeling sick from all the candy you consumed. That is just a fact!

Halloween is an exciting day that should be celebrated by people of all ages! It is a day to dress up in your favorite costume, gather with friends, and eat endless candy. Halloween does not have to get boring with age, you just have to be creative with the ways you celebrate. Halloween only comes once a year, so make it worthwhile.