This wonderful part of the Californian State is a great place to visit for adults and Family’s. Beautiful Beaches, fashion shopping, whale watching the laid back lifestyle, breast augmentation Orange County is visited for a lot of vastly different reasons! This part of the World in the Californian State is also known for abundance of thrilling theme parks. Besides the warm weather and beach towns a wide array Orange County theme parks also make Southern California a fun choice for a family visit. With so many interested rides, shows and entertainment the kids and the kids at heart will be even for a treat when coming to the ‘OC’.

Some of the best theme parks on the planet are located in this part of the world so let’s take a look at the best Orange County Theme Parks.

Disneyland Park

We had to start with this one. Children across the world dream of visiting this place well in to their adulthoods, let’s face it. Everyone loves Disney! Orange County is home to the fantastic Disneyland Park.

With over 100 attraction including all the classic Disney characters as well as Pirates of The Carribbean Bay and Star Wars Entertainment there is something for everyone. Wild Roller coasters, mind blowing shows and magical resort hotels Disneyland Park is the dream family theme park.

Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is another fantastic theme park in the Orange County Region. The amusement park is absolutely huge with over 160 acres worth of entertainment.The theme park includes rides for children, for families and big scary roller coasters for teens and general big kids. The features 5 different themed areas The Boardwalk, Ghost Town,  Camp Snoopy, India Trails and the Fiesta Village.

The park hosts several themed events each year for major holidays like Halloween (at its best in ghost town) and christmas which only adds to the atmosphere of this great theme park.

Disney California Adventure Park

The 2nd of two Disney Theme Parks in Orange County! One was just not enough. Located in Anaheim this adventure park is just as exciting as Disneyland with more of the same but also some unique attractions such as the ‘Soaring around the world’. This ride takes guests across av virtual globe from the Pyramids to to Swiss Alps in the ultra cool simulated hang gliders. Another key attraction for the older kids and adults is the white water rafting which takes place at the Sierra Nevada.

Themed Mini Parks include that of Disney films Cars and Toy Story, while can enjoy some fantastic bars and restaurants when everyone starts to come down after a brilliant yet tiring day. On top of this close by is the Disney Downtown District which is full to the brim of entertainment for adults and children alike. The exciting promenade also located in the town of Anaheim features of wealth of bars, restaurants and plenty of shops. Many of the restaurants are themed and characters can be seen walking about so while the adults relax the kids will still be occupied throughout the evenings. Which ever Disney Park you choose you can’t really go wrong and since both are located close to one another, they can both be visited on the same trip if your agenda permits.