Do you get to spend enough quality time with the family you share living space with?

If you said no, what can you do to increase that quality time together?

Spending time with the ones you love can be both fun and rewarding as you make new memories along the way.

So, is it time for more family fun in your lives?

Is it Time for a Day Trip?

Do you have to think long and hard about when you and your family last had a day trip?

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to exciting day trips.

So, if you live in the Southern California area or plan to visit in the fall, think of Disneyland Halloween time.

Being at Disneyland anytime of the year is fun. That fun gets even greater when fall rolls around and Halloween is near.

Imagine the fun your children will with all the Disneyland characters celebrating Halloween. The spooky entertainment they get to be a part of will be something they have fond memories of for years to come.

Whether your day trip involves Disneyland or some other venue, the point is to get away. Have a day that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Plan a Family Reunion

In the event it has been many years since you were part of a family reunion, now could be the time to start planning one.

Having occasional family reunions is a great way to get caught up on what everyone has been up to. Even if you stay in pretty constant touch via email, the phone and more, seeing each other in person is a great thing.

Depending on where everyone is these days, try and come up with a setting that is as convenient for all as possible.

Even when you take the reins in planning the reunion, do not be afraid to ask other family members to help you out. This will prevent you feeling as if all the pressure is falling on your shoulders.

Be sure to find a date that is convenient for most of the family. No, there probably is not going to be a perfect date. As such, some family may have to miss the event.

Once the reunion gets going, be sure to take pictures and video to keep for some great memories for all involved.

Have One Night Set Aside for Family Activities

Okay, it is not a big secret that some kids cringe at the thought of having to spend time with their parents.

That said there is nothing wrong with setting aside one night a week for family activities. No matter whether you have one youngster at home or several, clear those schedules. That is when all the children are old enough to enjoy family fun.

Among the possibilities can be a movie or gaming night, Face Time with other relatives and more.

The goal is to have that quality time together and a lot of fun in the process.

In finding more fun with the people living under your roof, what comes to mind?