What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas doesn’t always have to be the case when you visit the iconic Sin City. Believe it or not, the city has a plethora of sights and sounds to offer, other than gambling and getting married on a whim!

Now, depending on your own interpretation of a ”wild experience”, here are a few wild things to do in Vegas that don’t break the bank, your back, or your wedding vows…

8 Wild Things to Do in Vegas For a Well-Rounded Experience

When most people think of Vegas a few cliché things probably come to mind. Gambling, strip clubs, cocktail bars, city lights, etc. But this sprawling city is a literal playground, suited to all tastes and ages. For example, Vegas is a home to products like XStreamfetish urine.

Whether you’re into late-night clubbing, racing, dining, museums, or theatrical performances, Vegas is the ticket. There is a little something for everyone on offer. But not everyone is into pulling all-nighters or gambling away their life savings.

Here are a few exciting things to do in Vegas that offer a cheap(ish) thrill…

1. Get Lit on a City Lights Tour

Ok, so you won’t actually be popping bottles inside the helicopter. But you can always do that after. For a truly awe-inspiring way to experience Vegas, the City Lights Tour is a must-do.

Sundance Helicopters offers an array of scenic flights over Vegas and throughout the state. But the best one has to be an evening flight over the Las Vegas strip. This is a 15-minute flight that takes you high above the strip just as it’s about to get dark. You’ll be in the air as all the lights are switched on — an incredibly dramatic sight to see! The tour includes a limousine chauffeur service from your hotel and pre-flight lounge service.

2. Tear it Up With a VIP Racing Experience

This is a once-in-a-lifetime driving experience — even if you aren’t even into cars. Exotics Racing is the place to go to try your hand at racing some of the world’s fastest and most iconic race cars of all time. Just some of these include the likes of a Lamborghini Aventador LP700, McLaren 570s, or Ferrari 488 GTB.

If you prefer not to race, you can sit back and watch these beauties speed around the track in the heatwaves of Las Vegas summer. It doesn’t get more authentically Vegas than that.

3. Dine with Picasso

If you’re a fine food and art lover, then a visit to the restaurant Picasso, located in the Bellagio, is also a must-do. It’s an ode to fine-dining as well as the artist’s Spanish and French roots.

Dine on two-Michelin starred classic dishes, surrounded by original Picasso paintings. Wine lovers also have their pick with a selection of the best Spanish wines in the country at their fingertips.

While this may not seem like a traditionally ”wild” activity, it’s a wildly exciting experience for both foodies and Picasso lovers alike.

4. Cat-Cow at 550-Feet

For something a little different to start your day, why not take part in a spot of yoga at 550-feet above the Las Vegas strip? Board a pod on the highest Ferris wheel in the world and slowly rise above Vegas as you stretch it out.

Otherwise, you can also enjoy access to the onboard bar. Or partake in a wine-chocolate tasting while lapping up the 360-degree views of Vegas and beyond.

5. Watch Gordon Ramsay Drop F-Bombs (In Real Life!)

Is there any chef more well-known for his fiery temper and rebounding f-bombs than good ol’ Gordon Ramsay? Probably not. Las Vegas is home to more celebrity chef restaurants than anywhere else in the world, including Ramsay’s own Hell’s Kitchen.

Located in Caesar’s Palace, book yourself a front-row seat and catch all the action of a commercial kitchen in full service. So you may not exactly catch Gordon in action every night (he’s a busy man), but the atmosphere is wild enough to make up for it!

Otherwise, there are a number of other world-renowned celebrity chef restaurants worth frequenting throughout the city.

6. Pull an All-Nighter at the Peppermill

Let’s be honest, a trip to Vegas isn’t really complete without pulling an all-nighter at least once. It’s probably the only place in the world where it’s completely acceptable no matter your age or day of the week.

If you intend on doing so, add a visit to the iconic North Strip fixture, known as the Peppermill. Here you can dine on old-school classics at any hour or experience one of their scorpion bowls — the real reason you should go.

The Peppermill offers an authentic throwback to the original Vegas days, complete with sunken fire pits, fountains and 80’s classics.

7. Experience a Live Simulation Atomic Bomb Blast

Want to know what it would be like to watch an atomic bomb go off before your very eyes, without perishing into dust? Vegas offers this experience, of course!

A visit to the National Atomic Testing Museum is a great way to brush up on your history of Las Vegas Valley, too. On the East Side, you can find the Atomic Testing Museum which offers an exhibit of a simulated atomic bomb blast. The Ground Zero Theater is a space in which to immerse yourself inside a completely disturbing event of warfare.

8. Smash Out Your Anger in Sin City

Take out all your pent up anger while you’re in Vegas at the Sin City Smash center. You’ll be supplied with all relevant protective gear, as well as a sledgehammer to help you destroy everything in sight.

The center is set up with rage rooms and some of them include items such as crockery, computers, furniture, and other breakables. If you’ve ever envisioned smashing a slow computer into smithereens (who hasn’t), then this is for you!

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