Getting tired of smoking bongs or joints? If so, now could be the time to learn how to dab and give this cannabis consumption technique a tryout.

If you are a veteran of the weed or maybe even if you just like to keep an eye on the latest developments in the cannabis community, chances are that you have heard about dabs and dabbing.

When you look at the process of dabbing compared to smoking a bowl or joint, they don’t really seem to be in the same field as each other. Gone is the organic nature of rolling some weed; with dabbing, it’s industrial in comparison with rigs and blow-torches required. This may be enough to frighten some people off; how could an instrument designed to fuse metal together be good to put anywhere near your mouth? Well, if you are one of these people, hopefully, we can put your mind at rest and teach you smoking cannabis.

To consume cannabis by dabbing, you need to have some cannabis concentrates such as BHO, budder, roisin, shatter or wax. You can purchase concentrates or you can make them yourself through a process of solvent extraction, which strips the essential oils from the plant; boils off the butane, and leave you with a highly concentrated substance that has the consistency of honey.

Dabbing Cannabis

Dabbing may look like a complicated procedure to the uninitiated, but it really is quite simple. First thing is to get hold of some cannabis concentrate. If you are considering having a go at making your own, roisin may be the best option to try first. For this, you will need an electric hair straightener, a few sheets of parchment paper and some kief or flower.

If you want to try something that is a little more potent, BHOs (Butane Hash Oils) such as budder, shatter or wax will give you an extra kick. These concentrates contain the highest levels of THC and cannabinoids. A word of warning though; do not try to make these at home as butane can explode if handled or used incorrectly. Best to leave the most potent concentrate production to the professionals.

Also, do not concern yourself too much about whether it is wax, budder or shatter that you are using for your dabbing concentrate. They only differ in looks and this is achieved through different agitation processes of the cannabis wax, and they generally have the same content of THC.

Having chosen your concentrate, you will need to decide on the type of dabbing rig you will use. Price will obviously feature in your decision of which rig to opt for and you can generally expect to pay anything between $50-400 for a rig depending on the size, design and quality.

Some dabbing rigs resemble a bong in their looks, while others are designed more like something from a sci-fi movie. Regardless of the aesthetics, they all allow you to do the same thing; dab cannabis. If you want to follow popular culture, you might consider getting inspiration from Snoop Dogg or Cheech & Chong; both of these have their own dabbing rig designs.

OK, that’s the rig sorted. Next up is the dabbing nail. These can be either made from quartz, ceramic or titanium. You’re only really going to get hung up about your dabbing nail if you are a real veteran of the discipline. Most people settle for getting an all-in-one dab rig set that will include everything you need. Once you’ve got your rig, you will need a blow-torch; these are not generally included in dab rig sets.

Now that all of the hardware has been gathered, you can get dabbing. The first thing to do is load a little wax onto your dabber so that it is easy to get to. You will then need to heat up your dab nail with the blow-torch. There is a complete set of techniques behind this, but for now, simply heat your nail until it is red-hot. Then, lower the wax onto the nail and inhale the vapour that comes off. Covering the nail with a carb-cap as you inhale will avoid any vapour being lost.

Be aware that the levels of THC from concentrates will be around 3 times the strength of they are when you smoke a joint or bong. So, be sure to start with a low dose and you can increase as you deem fit.

If you are uncertain about trying dabs, this is not unusual. Dabbing is a relatively new concept and it is certainly different from other forms of consuming cannabis. Some people have likened the strength of dabbing to that of a psychedelic drug. It is still a relatively new technique for consuming cannabis and, as such, has not had the benefit of studies or research that other forms of cannabis consumption have had.

So, the jury may still be out as far as the health risks of dabbing, and if you want to try it, just bear this in mind. There are plenty of alternatives out there if you are not yet ready for the potency of dabbing. Vaping, edibles, micro-dosing cannabis will all allow you to mix up your cannabis experience. Now you know how to dab, just be prepared for the ride.