Premature ejaculation refers to a lack of control over the timing of ejaculation, with it occurring sooner than the man would wish, bringing about misery for both partners. It is a common sexual predicament for men, with prevalence rates estimated to be 20–40%.

We have men who ejaculate during foreplay; others lose control during insertion, while others ejaculate very fast after insertion. Regardless, it is distressing and creates tension between sexual partners.

Some men will suffer from it their whole life, while others acquire it on the way. Losing control over ejaculation every once in a while is common. However, it becomes problematic if it happens regularly. Occasionally, many men orgasm sooner than they would wish. For example, it is common for a man to ejaculate fast the first time he has sex. It can also happen if the man has not ejaculated in a while. If it happens occasionally, it does not signify sexual troubles.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Back in the day, this problem was thought to be exclusively psychological. But it is now believed that some men have a chemical imbalance in the brain regions controlling this function. Like dominos, this, in turn, lead to related mental problems like performance anxiety. However, in its acquired form, it can be attributed to these psychological parameters, including:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Poor body image
  • Guilty feelings
  • Depression
  • Anxiety about early orgasm
  • Previous sexual experiences

Other elements, which play a part include:

  • Anxiety—Numerous men who suffer from early ejaculation also have anxiety challenges.
  • Erectile dysfunction—Men who have trouble getting or sustaining an erection can develop a pattern of early ejaculation that is hard to rectify.
  • Interpersonal issues—There is also a possibility that interpersonal challenges between you and your partner give rise to the problem. If you had fulfilling sex with your former partners and early orgasms were never a challenge, it can be a tell-tale sign.


Getting help from a sex therapist or doctor is a great idea. Cures for premature ejaculation will differ based on the origin and whether it primary or secondary (acquired). The cures comprise:

  • Behavioral methods comprise the Masters and Johnson ‘squeeze’ method and the Semans ‘stop-start’ method.
  • The Masters and Johnson method comprises compressing the end of the penis seconds before orgasm to decrease the impulse to ejaculate. This method can be practiced alone or with a partner.
  • The Semans method comprises learning to regulate excitement before ejaculation. The concept is iteratively bringing yourself close to orgasm, then discontinue and rest. If you carry out this method enough times, you will learn to control your climax.
  • Kegel exercises—These workouts are intended to strengthen the pelvic floor. To note the muscles that work the pelvic floor, stop yourself from urinating midway. Then practice this action when your bladder void. Firmly contract the muscles and hold for a fraction of a minute. For three times a day, replicate this for ten seconds.
  • Psychotherapy and counseling – with the help of a doctor or a knowledgeable sex therapist, all root anxieties regarding sex can be addressed and worked on.
  • Tricyclic antidepressants and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)—The side effect of these drugs is slowing ejaculation when used by men suffering from depression. The side effect can help men who “come too fast,” and the drugs can be utilized in combination with therapy to combat premature ejaculation. These drugs also have other effects such as nausea, reduced libido, and fatigue. Priligy is the only SSRI approved for treating premature ejaculation and should be taken as prescribed by a doctor or a sex therapist.
  • If the trouble is associated with erectile dysfunction, then PDE5 inhibitors can help reinstate control over orgasm.


Though men feel uncomfortable addressing this issue, “coming too early” is a normal challenge that is treatable. There are drugs, therapies, and sexual skills—or a blend of these—which hinder ejaculation and can aid in revamping your sex life.