As someone who both went to a boarding school for their education, and has sent two children to boarding schools, I cannot talk enough about the wonderful benefits which await any child who embarks on this type of schooling. I was fortunate enough to go to one of the best boarding schools in California and I have gone on to have a highly successful career, something which I have no doubt, that I owe to my education. My children have also found great success in the early stages of their careers since their boarding school education and I would recommend to anyone that they give their children the same opportunity.

Of all the benefits for children, it is the growth of confidence which I think is one of the most helpful and noticeable and here is how your child will gain that vital confidence in their abilities and their actions, through a boarding school education.

Forced Independence

It is rather unnatural for a child to leave home at the age of 13 or 14 but this is exactly what they will experience when they start boarding school. During their time at school, they will of course be cared for and provided for by the teachers and staff, but nothing like the treatment they would receive at home. This gives these young boys and girls a level of independence which their peers will not get, and through their independence they are forced to become more confident and more self-disciplined.

Small Classes

In state schools with 30 to 40 pupils in a classroom, weaker or unconfident students can hide in amongst the crowd so that they don’t need to answer questions or get involved. In contrast, boarding schools have class sizes of between 10 and 15 pupils which means that each student must play their part in the classroom. This exposure that pupils will receive, encourages them to lose any nerves or anxiety which they may have, and use their involvement as a confidence builder, something which will serve them well.

Better Teaching

For most people, young and old, a lack of confidence comes about when they are short on knowledge or they do not have courage in their own beliefs. In a boarding school, the level of teaching and the level of expectation is far greater than that of a state school and this helps to arm your children with the knowledge and the way of thinking which can help them to become far more confident. Equally, the environment which your child will be placed into, surrounded by other young and confident pupils, will have a positive effect on your child and also help to grow their confidence levels.

Measured confidence is one of the greatest attributes which someone can have, it can help them both in their professional lives and in social situations. Boarding school offers young boys and girls many benefits from both an educational and character-building aspect and confidence is one which all pupils will be instilled with from a very early age.