In terms of outdoor activities it doesn’t get much simpler or more fun than cycling. Whilst some people will take this activity very seriously indeed, spending huge amounts of money on your kit really isn’t necessary if you are still a beginner. Cycling can be used for commuting, helping to reduce your impact on the environment and of course, as one of the most fun outdoor activities for adults

If you are just getting started, here is the basic cycling equipment to get started!

The Bicycle 

The only decision which you really have to make here is where you will be using the bike. If you plan to go off-road then a mountain bike will be the best option, if you are using it for street riding then a road bike will be better. These bikes have slight differences such as suspension and frame, which make the better for different terrain. This will be the most expensive item to buy, but don’t get carried away and invest too much at this early stage. Spend no more than $200 on a bike with a good reputation. This will give you a chance to learn and to see whether or not it is for you. 

Safety Helmet 

Even if you happen to live somewhere that doesn’t impose a legal responsibility on helmet wearing, you should always look to use one. For around $50 you can get a very good helmet which could potentially save your life if you have a fall. Don’t scrimp when it comes to buying a great helmet. 

Handy Gloves

As you ride the bike you use your hands to both steer, and pull the handlebars towards you when you cycle hard. This takes a toll on the skin on your hands and you can easily get blisters. Riding with a blister is no fun at all, so make sure that you are using some gloves. 

Small Backpack

Cycling with items in your pockets can be very uncomfortable, so buying a light and small backpack is the best option. You don’t need anything oversized here, as long as you can fit in your phone, keys and a bottle of water. 

There you have it, the best cycling equipment to get started. Can you think of anything else we’re missing?