Not all the best outdoor activities involve running around or throwing things, and a picnic is the perfect proof of that. Whether you are taking a loved one for a romantic lunch or eating al fresco with the family, there are some ingredients which you simply must include when you are preparing a picnic. Let’s take a look at how you can turn this dining experience into one of the most fun outdoor activities for adults and children. Nothing like the perfect picnic!

The Perfect Spot

Simply eating outdoors isn’t really enough to create a great picnic, you could have a sandwich on a busy beach for example and it really wouldn’t compare. The key to the best picnics is finding the ideal spot. What you need here is somewhere flat, isolated and preferably with a great view. The key is feeling like you’re in the middle of the wilderness, even if you’re not. 

Focus on Comfort

You have to make sure that everyone is going to be comfortable at the picnic, which is why you should remember items like a blanket and cushions for seating. This is not some kind of survival experience, it is a pleasant one and just because you’re in nature, doesn’t mean you have to sit on uncomfortable logs and face rocks under your blanket. 

Food Options

The food you take will of course come down to what you enjoy, but look to focus on simplicity here. Some sandwiches and snacks are often all that is required here, rather than anything more ambitious. Keeping items cold can be hard and remember that you may have to carry this food for a while if you are hiking to your spot. A packed cooler can really weigh you down. 

Something Special

Whilst you should look to keep the food simple, you can still elevate your picnic a little with a special item. This could be a bottle of champagne or fizzy wine, a luxury dessert which won’t weigh you down or even some marshmallows which you can melt on an open fire. These special items help to make the picnic absolutely perfect. 

These are all the ingredients you need for the perfect picnic. Any other suggestions?