Endurance sport tests the tolerance, resilience, and forbearance of participants and there are few kinds of endurance sports as tasking as triathlons. Triathlons include three physically grueling sport activities namely, running, cycling, and swimming over long distances. It involves multiple competitors and the winner is the one who completes the challenge the fastest. 

Each of these activities tests the mental, physical and psychological capacity of the competitor and pushes it to the limit. Sometimes, they also have to contend with elemental conditions which often have negative effects on them and can make participation harder. To ensure the well-being of the participants. Safety measures are always emphasized and strictly enforced. One of such safety measures is choosing an outfit best suited for a triathlon called a wetsuit.

Wetsuits are designed to provide the best of comfort and safety for triathletes. They are designed with very specific needs in mind and these are things a triathlete should first consider when choosing wetsuits for triathlon and open water swimming.


The first thing to look out for when choosing a wetsuit is comfort. A wetsuit should be comfortable and allow a free and unhindered range of movement for the participant. It should be made of the right material with appropriate lining and no rough cuts or stitches to prevent chafing and other movement-induced injuries.

Fit The Body.

A good wetsuit should fit the body of the wearer perfectly. It should not be too big, too small, excessively tight, or too loose. All of these extremes could cause injury or limit the capacity of the triathlete to compete effectively.


No sportswear should be stiff and rigid. The best wetsuit for a triathlon should be flexible and easy to move in. it should support and even promote the range of motion for the wearer. A rigid suit hinders mobility, slows down the participant, and will gradually cause injury.


While a good wetsuit should not be excessively tight, it does need to cling firmly but comfortably. This is to produce an effect called compression. The design of the wetsuit is best put to use when it holds the body firmly. The water trapped between the skin and the suit is warmed by the wearer’s body heat, insulating him from the cold and allowing him to swim easily through the water. This is a very important safety feature a good wetsuit should have. Triathletes who have gone without have often suffered from some health challenge or the other afterward.


Another very important efficient and safety feature of a good wetsuit is its ability to cause buoyancy. The material of wetsuits called neoprene makes the wearer float easily in the water. It brings the advantage of safety and speed. Participants can swim faster when they are more buoyant and this gives them a competitive edge.


Wetsuits make triathlons so much easier to participate in. their design and composition are made with the comfort, safety, and competitive advantage of the wearer in mind. Choosing wetsuits for triathlons and open water swimming should be considered carefully as these seemingly minor features in the outfit can be the difference between winning and losing, while also being safe.