It is no secret that some countries have a skin cancer problem. Australia currently has the highest amount of skin cancer cases per year than anywhere else in the world, and 80% of new cancer cases diagnosed are some type of skin cancer.

There’s plenty to be done to avoid becoming one of those shocking statistics, including wearing sunscreen of SPF 30 or above, wearing sun protective clothing and avoiding leaving the house or walking/ sitting in the sun during the most scorching parts of the day.

There’s also something else you can do to help protect yourself from the sun that is effective and easy, and it is closer to home than you think. Creating shade in your yard is an effective and convenient way to add sun protection to your home.

Creating shade in your yard means you get to enjoy your own green space and fresh air without putting your health at risk. Need a little inspiration? These 8 shade ideas will ensure you have plenty of options when it comes to creating numerous cool spots in your yard:

  1. Plant A Shady Backyard


To plant a shady backyard you will need plants that love living in areas where a small amount of sun penetrates their roots. There’s no need to worry about planting an entirely shady yard if you’re not very green fingered, just one large tree will suffice and bring plenty of shade. In any case, the key to growing a shady backyard will be planning, so that everything not only grows in the right place, but also survives. Consider seeking professional guidance for large planting projects to ensure you bank your money into a winning garden. Once you have created your shady backyard, you could even do some edible gardening underneath the shaded areas for extra sustainability.

2. Buy A Shady Backyard

You don’t have to wait for plants to grow to provide you with shade. You can buy plants to provide you with instant shade, including potted trees and shrubs. Plants like lacy tree ferns or elephant ears are a great idea and you can easily purchase mature plants locally to provide attractive yard decorations and instant shade.

3. Gazebos


With gazebos you can place the shade wherever you want in your yard. No need to worry about structures or maintenance, and you can choose from a wide range of patterns and designs to choose a gazebo that suits the aesthetic of your home. They also come in different sizes so there’s no need to squeeze one in, or have one looking a bit tiny in a corner of your yard. You can get one perfectly sizes to suit your plot.

4. Sun Umbrellas

Sun umbrellas often come with garden furniture, and they are really useful. You can create umbrella holes in the ground in your yard easily to plant the umbrella wherever you need it. Of course you will want to limit the holes to a few places as not to cover your yard in holes! They are perfect for situations where you want to lie on the grass and read a book, or create a small amount of shade for a pet or child.

5. Add Fencing


Adding extra tall fencing could be a really good answer if you want extra privacy and extra shade. Just an extra foot or so could create much more shade in your yard. Just be sure to speak to any neighbours you share a fence with.

6. Artificial Hedges

Australia has a water shortage, so it makes sense to try and plant hedges that need little water. How about plants that need zero water? Artificial hedges look fantastic and look completely real offering extra shade and privacy and come in a wide range of styles. They also require no maintenance or watering so they are ideal for gardeners lacking in green fingers.

7. Trellis


Trellis offers you the chance to grow hanging fruits and plants around archways or even over seating areas. You may need to be patient in growing the plants around the trellis but once it has started winding its way around, you will have gorgeous dappled light underneath and a much cooler temperature. Don’t fancy buying trellis? Take a look at this easy DIY tutorial on making your own trellis.

8. A Permanent Shelter

With some timber you can create a stunning permanent shelter in your yard. This will ensure complete weather protection come storm or shine, so you can really enjoy the haven you have created, even enjoying barbeques and parties underneath if it is big enough.

However you decide to turn your yard into a beautiful, shaded tropical haven, remember to be considerate of your neighbours and any restrictions on your property from landlords or local laws.