Montreal is a great city to live in. Good healthcare, world-class culture, tons of festivals, education systems, name it. It’s also said that you can find everything here. You can walk out of an Italian furniture store in Montreal and walk into a French designer perfume store.

If you are vegan, you are covered as well. Here are five companies offering vegan products.


For lovers of yogurt, Yoso ensures you do not have to give up this delicacy after you adopt a vegan lifestyle. Yoso yogurt is dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, and peanut-free plant-based yogurt.

It’s not boring either; you can get your yogurt in 13 exciting flavors of healthy goodness. Delicious to the last drop!


Fair/Square is a vegan store for vegans. Granted, it becomes rather hectic having to go from store to store looking for one different item at each stop. The Fair/Square store tries to eliminate this hustle.

You will find foodstuff, treats, personal care products, clothes, books, jewelry, and so on at the store. It’s like your favorite supermarket, only everything is vegan.

As if that’s not exciting enough, you get to select a cause of your choice where to send a percentage of the proceeds for each purchase you make. Vegan and social responsibility? Good luck trying to top that.


Even as you go vegan, you need to carry your stuff in something. Leafii is an innovative company that brings you fanny packs, shoulder bags, pouches, and wallets made from teal leaves.

You would be forgiven to think these products don’t go very far, after all, how durable can a leaf be? However, the leaves are treated, dyed, and stitched up perfectly to create long-lasting products.

The uniqueness is on another level as you can see the leafy, graininess of leaves on the products.


Culcherd is a company making dairy-free cheese and butter. Their products are excellent for vegans and people with lactose intolerance. Culcherd cheese and butter rival the best products in the market as pertains to spreadability and taste. But it does not end there.

This company goes beyond culturing its products to ensuring they are rich in probiotics as well. You can enjoy your butter and cheese and get some probiotics for your gut as well.

Karlo Estates

Most winemakers will use animal products or traces of animal products in the clarification process. Karlo estates makes different wines to tantalize different palates using pumpkin or potato protein to clarify them.

Try It (If You Haven’t Already)!

The vegan lifestyle has, over the years, proven itself to be a much healthier option. Still, most people assume the vegan lifestyle is restrictive and dull.

From this shortlist, you can begin dispelling such misconceptions. Vegans had numerous choices and can today enjoy variants of their favorite foods and drinks.