Motivation is a good thing to have. Some people have a lot of it, and they are often marked as being “overachievers”. However, is there such a thing as overachieving? Can someone ever do too much? According to 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, so long as what people achieve is what they actually want, there is no such thing as “too much”. And it now seems that they have scientific evidence to back this up, mainly in that motivation seems to come as a natural thing to people. And nothing natural can ever be wrong.

The Science Behind Motivation

It now appears that people who are very motivated also have more dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine does a lot of different things, but it is mainly seen as the “reward” hormone. What this means is that, when the brain releases dopamine, people feel good. This is why people who are motivated are often also more positive, and why they are able to keep their motivation high – because they feel reward when they achieve.

It has long been known that dopamine regulates pleasure and reward. However, it wasn’t known that it was also strongly linked to motivation. In a test, participants were given the option of completing an easy task for a small financial reward or a harder task for a higher financial reward. They found that those who picked the harder tasks had higher dopamine levels. This was expected at the start of the study. What wasn’t expected, however, was that those who picked the easier task also had a rush of dopamine, only in a different part of the brain, specifically the one focusing on emotion, rather than the reward and motivation area that those choosing the hard task would release dopamine in.

What this meant was that people always release dopamine when they take part in a task, but that different people are motivated by different things. Yet, at the same time, they both experience the same pleasure at taking part in tasks. And, naturally, the study showed that both participants ended up with the same amount of money, simply because those completing the easier task were able to complete more.

For 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, what this means is that there are no rights or wrongs in why someone does something, so long as they do it. Some people take pleasure in simple, repetitive tasks with a clear result. Others take pleasure in brain stimulation and facing a degree of uncertainty. Both types of people are needed and both have motivation. What matters is that people find out what motivates them, so they can adjust their lifestyle to make sure that they enjoy the pleasures of doing what they like to do. This, according to 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, is the key to personal motivation and drive, helping people reach the successes they want to reach. Two other important keys are positivity and sharing knowledge, although this generally comes automatically ones people do what they love to do.