If you’ve been thinking about going low-carb, one of the great things about this diet is that effects are immediate—and it’s not just weight loss. There are a number of benefits associated to low-carb diets, and most of them you’ll notice right away. When you see results that you like right away, it’s an instant award. That means you’re more likely to stick to the diet, and going low-carb can be an easy lifestyle change for many.

Here are just a few of the perks of a carb-free lifestyle:

  1. You’ll drop weight faster. Numerous studies have shown that going low-carb means faster, immediate weight loss. This likely evens out when compared to other diets in the long-term, but that’s okay. You’ll lose unnecessary fat and get the boost you need to keep going when you notice immediate results. Most people fall off the diet wagon in the early stages, but with low-carb you’ll have great motivation to keep at it.
  2. You’ll put on muscle mass easier. Just going low-carb isn’t going to help you with muscle mass, but your muscles need protein to heal and get bigger (hypertrophy). A lot of people naturally eat more protein when they go low-carb. Most protein-rich foods are lower in carbs, but you’ll still want to make sure you’re eating healthy. A diet of hot dogs without the buns isn’t healthy for anyone.
  3. You can still drink—in moderation. If you enjoy drinking, alcohol fits into a low-carb lifestyle. Hard alcohol is almost entirely carb-free, and you can always use sugar-free mixers like diet soda. Of course, alcoholism is always a risk, too. However, if you’re someone who likes drinking in moderation, it’s good to know that low-carb can fit so easily into your new diet.
  4. Your breath will smell sweeter. A seemingly strange side effect of low-carb diets is sweeter breath. This occurs when the body goes into ketosis, which it does when you maintain low carbs over an extended amount of time. It’s a small but legitimate perk, especially if you’re someone who’s constantly reaching for more breath mints.
  5. It’s become very easy to dine out. Not that long ago, it was sometimes tough to find low-carb menu items outside of steak houses. However, the diet has proven to be so effective that a lot of restaurants have gotten on board. Even fast-food restaurants offer lettuce-wrapped burgers. Some restaurants have completely low-carb menus.
  6. You’ll make new friends. If you want some extra support, there are plenty of groups—in person or online—that provide support. You can swap recipes, help one another stay on track, and get motivation when bread is calling. Your support system is the number-one reason many diets succeed or fail. When you have others rooting for you, you won’t want to let them down.

Low-carb diets have become so mainstream, nobody blinks an eye when you modify dishes to keep carbs low. It’s never been easier, or tastier, to pick this effective lifestyle change