So, your friends are taking a major step by moving in together and getting their own place. As is tradition, they’re probably hosting a housewarming party so you and all their closest friends and loved one can see their new space and congratulate them on this major milestone. 

While you’re probably excited to finally see their place (after it took them months to get settled, decorate, and get it ready for guests), you’re probably racking your brain for the perfect housewarming gift. That can be a lot of pressure that can take away from the excitement of the party. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by gift-giving stress. Instead, refer to this list of six sure-to-please housewarming gifts for couples. 

Liven Up the Space with Something Alive

#1: Potted Plants

Nothing makes a house feel fresher and more open than some lush greenery. While they finish decorating and incorporating color, your friends will totally appreciate a few gorgeous hanging plants to brighten things up. Plants are a classic accent for achieving a more refined space because they elevate the style of a room. Not only that, but they can help remove toxins from the air, boost energy, and improve happiness, all of which your friends will surely appreciated.

#2: Bread Baker

If you think your friends are more into fermentation than photosynthesis, then get them a novelty bread-making tool instead. To offer a complete package, tuck a charming recipe book into the gift bag and bring your famous homemade sourdough to the party.

Equip Them with Some Fancy Kitchen Gadgets 

#3: Egg Extras

To get your buddies a gift that no one else will think of, go with something off the beaten path (that they can also beat eggs with), like specialty egg tools perfect for all the more unique egg-related verbs, like:

  • Poaching
  • Beating
  • Slicing
  • Pressure cooking
  • Separating
  • Folding

#4: A Better Blender

If your friends like to enjoy healthy smoothies every morning for an extra boost of nutrition, invest in a portable bullet blender on their behalf. These types of blenders are sleek and hardly take up any space on the kitchen counter, leaving room for other necessities and reducing clutter.  It’ll be perfect for whipping up quick smoothies before work, blended coffee for those hot summer months, and even delicious shakes for dessert.

Help Them Beautify the Backyard

#5: Lawn Side Luxury

Help them elevate their outdoor area with a chic and timeless hanging daybed. A hanging daybed is a more sophisticated take on the hammock, while still providing that laidback feel that will let them truly enjoy their beautiful backyard to the fullest. Plus, if they like to entertain, it will give them more seating options when they’re hosting a group of their closest friends. 

#6: Alcoholic Accoutrement

Having a new home is something celebrate and what better way than with libations. Buy them something that allows them craft their own cocktails and indulge in them in style. One great gift option is to get them a charming backyard bar and cocktail kit to make their morning mimosas and night caps just a bit sweeter. 

Just Remember: One Day, It Could Be You

One day, you may find yourself moving on to a bigger, better house and want to host a housewarming party of your own. When that time comes, you’ll want to have plenty of friends there and you’ll want to receive fantastic gifts (you can give them a list of options, of course). 

So, use this occasion as an opportunity to show out with a wonderful selection of housewarming presents that will surely inspire an excellent turnout at your own tasteful soiree. Bonne chance! Toodles