If you are at the point and time where you feel you want to move on from your startup venture, would this be a good thing?

While a lot of time and effort often goes into startups, there can be a time when one says they want something else.

So, if you’re at that point now, is selling the right thing to do?

What Do You Want to Do Next?

In deciding you want to move on from your startup, there could be myriad of reasons for feeling this way.

For one, you may feel like there is not much more you can get from your startup. As such, you want to move on and try something else.

Another possibility is a better opportunity is sitting out there for you. With that in mind, you decide now is the time to act on it.

Still another possibility is you are inching closer to retiring. While launching the startup a ways back seemed like a good idea, you want to move on from it.

Know the Value of Your Startup

No matter the reasoning behind looking to sell your startup, you want to go about it the right way.

To start, do you know the value of your company?

You can and should know how to value a startup.

Know it is key that you have a good sense of what your startup is worth and what an accurate price is you can ask for it. Not knowing this can leave you on the short end when someone makes an offer to you. If you take that offer without knowing fully what your company is worth, it can impact your finances.

Also think about any employees you may have working under you. In the event you plan to sell, what might happen to your workers?

One thought is that they will have an opportunity to look for other work before your company is sold. Another possibility is they may have an offer on positions with the new owner. If that is the direction you are leaning, be sure to put such language in any proposed contract.

In looking at your employees, would they be offered positions with you? That is if you’re starting a new business venture? If so, this can allow you to keep that working relationship in place for those choosing to do so.

The bottom line is to think about any employees you have and how you selling impacts their lives.

Cashing in While Things Are Good

It goes without saying that certain industries will always be in need of workers and will do well. As such, there will always be money to be made.

That said you might have a startup in an industry that does see a little bit more fluctuation. As a result, you may feel like now is the time to sell.

Make sure along with knowing the value of your startup what is going on in your industry. If things are going well now and are likely not going to be better, selling now may be the ideal situation. You do not want to look back with regret one day that you did not sell when the going was good.

In considering selling your startup now, have all your bases covered so things go the way you want them to.