Wrongful termination occurs when an employer terminates an employment relationship in contravention of the employee’s constitutional rights. ⁠ Wrongful termination claims in California can emerge when a company infringes a state or federal statute, general principles of public policy, the employee’s employment contract, or some other component of the law. In any of these situations, you should not be afraid to contact a wrongful termination attorney Los Angeles.

Employees in California have comprehensive worker protections under California law, some of which regulate when, how, and under what conditions an employee may be legally terminated. Let’s look at what steps to take if you’ve been fired wrongfully-

Steps To Take When You Have Been Terminated

Everything should be documented.

Even if you are angry, in shock, or trying to figure out what you should do, document what occurred, why you were fired, what your employer did or said, and how you were fired.

Examine the Employment Agreement

Examine your contract or agreement to see if it restricts the circumstances under which you may be fired. Even if you are given what appears to be a legal reason for terminating employment, your employer may be in breach of the contract.

Be respectful

It is understandable to be upset about being wrongfully terminated. Acting out against your company and using foul language, on the other hand, will make it more difficult to recover damages later.

Keep yourself safe

If you have been fired from a hostile environment, leave as soon as possible. You are not required to stay after your employment has been terminated. Furthermore, unless you have an agreement or employment contract that requires it, you are not lawfully required to conduct an exit interview or meet with anyone.

Avoid Retaliation

It may be tempting to “get even” with your boss by stealing, slandering the corporation, vandalizing property, or verbally attacking supervisors or the company. Even if you were fired for illegal reasons, breaking laws and engaging in legal violations against your employer will make collecting damages in a lawsuit much more challenging.

Consult an Attorney

When you suspect that you will be wrongfully terminated shortly, the ideal time to communicate with a lawyer is before the termination occurs. However, wrongful termination is not always predictable. If you are aware or suspect that your employment has been wrongfully terminated, the second best time to get in touch with an attorney is instantaneously after termination. Wrongful termination can have serious ramifications, and you may be able to seek compensation if your employer fired you for illegal reasons.

Make a Claim or File a Lawsuit

If the proof in your particular instance is strong, you may be able to sue your employer for monetary damages. You may even be able to reclaim your job. The specific procedure will be determined by the type of damage you sustained. In some instances, the employee is asked to first file an administrative complaint with a governmental agency detailing the wrongdoing of their employer. In other situations, the employee can file a lawsuit directly in court. Remember that the deadline for filing a claim or a lawsuit can be very short. As a result, if you want to fight for your rights after being fired, you should act quickly.


When you are a hardworking employee with a clear conscience, you do not deserve to be wrongfully terminated. You should be completely aware of your rights when it comes to wrongful termination. To help you get aware of the laws and to handle things when you have been wrongfully terminated, you should contact an attorney when required.