If you’re about to join the ranks of the 2,236,496 American couples living matrimonial bliss, congratulations! There’s little more exciting than the prospect of spending a lifetime of joy and laughter with the person you love most of all, so it’s time to celebrate.

One of the best ways to do this is by incorporating wood flowers into your wedding or giving them as a keepsake to the love of your life. Like your love for each other, these flowers never fade.

Read on to learn what a wood flower bouquet is and what occasions they should be used for!

What Is a Wood Flower Bouquet?

Wood flower bouquets are pretty much exactly what they sound like.

Wooden bouquets come in a lot of varieties of wood. Sola wood is one of the most popular because it’s soft, pliable, and maintains a petal-like texture when cut thin. This wood is easy to cut and dye. This means that these bouquets come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. You can accommodate any color palette that you choose for your wedding.

Wooden flower bouquets are great because they never die. You can keep the flowers used at your wedding forever if you choose to go down this route.

When Should You Use One?

Now that you know what a wood flower bouquet is, you’re likely wondering at what events they should come into play. Read on to learn some places that wooden bouquets make even more beautiful.


As we discussed before, a wooden bridal bouquet is perfect for any wedding. It can be cut into any shape the bride wants and makes an amazing souvenir from the wedding. It can be a dinner table centerpiece many years into your marriage or a great decoration for your bedroom shelf beside your wedding photos.

Bridal Parties

Additionally, wooden flowers are perfect for bridal showers. They make great table decorations and ornaments that hang off trees (if you’re outdoors) or ceiling lamps (if you’re indoors.)

Baby Showers

You can also use wood flowers at baby showers similarly to how you use them at bridal parties. If you’re having one of the US’s 3.8 million babies born each year, then you’ll likely want a keepsake for them from their first-ever party. Wooden flowers are perfect gifts for your baby when she gets old enough to appreciate them.


Speaking of gifts, wooden flowers are perfect for the most important people in your life. A parent and child or a best friend duo could express their affection for one another with these lovely gifts. With Valentine’s day around the corner, these wooden flowers can capture the romance between a couple perfectly, too.

Get Wooden Bouquets Today

While there are a lot of choices for flowers at any event, none are as awesome as wooden bouquets.

Now that you know why getting a wood flower bouquet is a great choice, it’s time to look into more tips for having a romantic wedding or beautiful event. Check out the ‘love’ tab on our home page to get some pointers on how to make this happen!