On average, married couples will have sex 54 times a year. But plenty of couples are having less, and plenty of couples wish they were having more.

If you feel like your sex life has been lacking lately with your partner, you don’t need to despair. There are lots of ways to spice up your sex life to the point that your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

Keep reading for our best sex advice.

1. Slow Things Down

You may have become accustomed to getting the deed done as quickly as possible. If you and your partner have been together for a long time, you know what gets the other one off. So what’s the point of wasting time?

The truth is that better sex is sex that is savored and enjoyed. Take your time! Even if you know how to get an orgasm quickly, make your partner wait for it while keeping them interested.

One way to slow things down? Don’t allow your partner to take all their clothes off for a while. Touch them and kiss them without moving straight towards sex. Get them really hot and bothered before those clothes come off.

2. Go Out On A Date

Sometimes the bedroom suffers because the relationship is suffering. If you don’t feel as close, connected, and intimate to your partner as you once did, your sex isn’t going to be as good.

Here’s a piece of relationship advice. Go out on a date. And don’t let it be average. Pretend that you and your partner are meeting each other again for the very first time.

Dress to impress. Ask hard-hitting questions. Choose a location that you think will impress them. Get adventurous with it.

3. Get Out of the Bedroom

A great way to spice up the bedroom is to get out of the bedroom! A new location can do wonders for your sex life. It can add a feeling of novelty, excitement, and even risk to what otherwise would be normal sex.

You can go big and get a hotel room for the night for a serious change, but there are free options right inside your own home. Where have you never had sex in your home? The kitchen? The office? The living room? The shower?

Choose a place you haven’t tried and then go for it!

4. Spend a Little Me Time

A great piece of sex advice is to make sure that you know your own body well. You can only guide your partner so much if you don’t even know your own preferences.

Spend some time alone masturbating, using toys, watching porn, fantasizing, or anything else that gets you off. Pay attention to what you really like, and then take that information back to your partner.

5. Watch Porn Together

Speaking of masturbating and porn, you can always want porn together for some bedroom inspiration. It’s good for three reasons.

Number one, it can be inspiring. You and your partner can see sex acts and tell each other in real-time which ones you’re interested in trying together.

Number two, you’ll be getting horny together right there. We bet you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other if you start watching porn together.

Number three, it can actually increase intimacy by furthering your knowledge of and proximity to each other. Want to know more about watching porn with a partner? Check it out!

6. Change Your Position

Just like changing your location can increase the excitement of sex, changing your position can too.

Trying a new position can get you new sensations during sex. Over time, we get used to certain feelings during intercourse, and so the same position can start to feel boring. But with a new position, you’ll get to feel your partner’s body in a whole new way.

You also can get new views. If your partner really likes to look at your butt, why not give them a view of it the whole time with a new position. Riding in reverse cowgirl is a great way to give him that view while also taking over the work from him for a little while.

7. Try Roleplay

It’s one of the oldest sex tips in the book for a reason. If you feel bored of having sex with your partner, turn yourself and them into someone else!

You can roleplay a specific dynamic or even just as two different people who have never met. It’s an invitation to explore your partner’s body more deeply as if you’re seeing it for the first time.

Plus, power dynamics in roleplays make sex more thrilling. Play with who plays the role that’s “in charge,” and you’ll find out so much about your own relationship dynamic.

8. Get Some New Toys

When it comes to sex, a whole world of pleasure is at your fingertips. Don’t let yourself feel any shame when it comes to trying different sex toys. If it will help your partner orgasm and feel closer to you, they’re worth using.

Give your partner fantastic new sexual sensations while including yourself in the scene.

9. Put On A Special Outfit

Whether you’re a man or woman, you can put on something special to put your partner in the mood.

Find a piece of lingerie, pajamas, underwear, or even just a nice outfit that you feel really good in. It doesn’t have to be “sexy” or “risque” from an outside perspective as long as it makes you feel confident. That confidence will shine through and make you look sexy to your partner.

It might even make you more likely to want to initiate sex yourself.

Spice Up Your Sex Life With Easy Changes

If you wanna spice up your sex life, it’s easy when you’re open to creative ideas and focus on becoming more intimate with your partner. Let them into the deepest part of yourself by spending time with them, learning yourself better, and sharing your fantasies. Your sex life is sure to become even more satisfying.

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