Have you just moved to Florida or a nearby state with a subtropical climate? The first thing you want to check on your list is to renovate the house. As you plan this, you find that the flooring systems need to change.

Starting to revamp the floors is a keystone to any home improvement. If you are a business owner, you need to secure that your small retail space or office buildings get a good foundation.

Today’s article will help you pick out the right flooring to suit the climate where you live.

Flooring Options for Subtropical Areas

Various flooring materials will best fit your homes in the Sunshine State and coasts nearby. These are regions with humid weather. Areas with subtropical climate experience sunny, hot sunny days and a few mild winter. With extreme temperature changes that the floors get exposed to, what materials will handle heat and water best? 

Professional flooring installers of epoxy contractors Tampa Fl recommend that any type will suit a subtropical area. What matters is that every surface gets to be sealed and layered with protective coatings. Accordion to experts, flooring surfaces with the right top coating make the floors safe to walk on and provide antimicrobial functions.

With that said, here are top floor materials you can easily fall for.

Laminate: Low-Cost and Long-Lasting

If one of your plans is to find the cheapest flooring option for your Florida homes, laminate is your best bet. Laminate flooring is made of synthetic resin and designed to mimic the look of wood.

While laminate withstands time and weathering, it got some downside, too. It does not withstand too much moisture. With that said, a subtropical climate where you live is just right for the laminate floors enhanced with a moisture barrier.

Concrete Flooring: Cost-efficient and Conventional

If you specifically find yourselves settling in a humid city, the best flooring option for you is concrete. The concrete flooring is generally ideal for any type of weather. 

Concrete floors quickly adapt to any style of your home as it comes in a neutral color. These floors also surpass their expected shelf life—durability and design adaptability are concrete’s most loved strengths. 

When expert installers apply concrete to your floors, they will seal and protect them. Meanwhile, salts form deicers, and acid rain is the number one nemesis of concrete. But you will not need to worry about it since you will be the best pick this material for living in the Sunshine State.

You can install concrete mostly anywhere at home. It can be in the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and outdoors. Patio’s driveways and garage areas will be taken care of, with concrete covering every step. 

Various Decorative concrete finishes can also be your cost-efficient solution if you need to repair cracks and dents on the concrete floors. You will not need a costly replacement for this. Just choose from the various ways you can resurface concrete that will meet your cost requirements. Here are some popular concrete resurfacing and refinishing:

  • Concrete Stamping
  • Staining Finish
  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Concrete sealers
  • Polishing

Hardwood and Engineered Harwood Floors

Next are hardwood floorings. Wooden steps exceed their lifespan, most especially if they are not always exposed to moisture. So, it is just right to say that this material is perfect for your homes in the most humid cities. 

If you are located in the states like Florida, Michigan, Iowa, moist air stirs around the warm weather. Engineered hardwood is stronger than regular wooden flooring. Experts created these materials for home and business owners who want to achieve a natural look and classic wood design.

Composite wood floorings will also come under this group. Wooden floors are perfect for coastal-themed homes or business areas. You can also invest in quality composite wood for your pool decking options around your commercial properties.

Ceramic and Porcelain Floors: Timeless and Top Quality 

Last are the ceramic and porcelain materials. Sounds expensive? You are probably right. Ceramic and porcelain tiles may cost cheapest if measure per piece. But wait until your account for labor and installation fees. Also, these materials do not just pop out randomly at anyone s homes. 

These flooring materials are quite getting rare, for supplies are limited. While they are renewable, these products take a lot of production process.

In the meantime, these word-class materials create unmatched aesthetics. Sophisticated homes will have a go for such luxury floors. They are durable too.

However, the downside of expensive floors are they are high-maintenance. Now, no wonder why people who got the floor walk with so much finesse. They need to literally “count” every little step. If you scratch or crack the surface, you will need to break your bank eventually.