What do professional athletes David Wells, Kerri Walsh, Amy Van Dyken, and Nate Diaz all have in common? They all use CBD as part of their training regimens and have found the answers to what are the benefits of CBD.

If you’re wondering the same thing, you don’t have to worry because we’re not going to leave you in the dark. We’re going to pull back the blinds and shine a light on all of the benefits of CBD oil.

You’re not going to want to miss any of this information. Without further ado, let’s get right into the list of benefits that a professional athlete can gain from regular cannabinoid usage.

And because CBD is becoming legal in various states is more of a reason to begin using it as a part of your workout routine.

Reduces Inflammation

After a long day of competition and workout, athletes will find that their bodies are worn down and inflamed. One of the most common benefits that users experience from using CBD is that it reduces muscle and joint inflammation.

The way that this happens is that CBD binds to the receptors in the endocannabinoid system. After the CBD attaches to the receptors, it works with the body to reduce inflammation throughout.

When inflammation has been reduced, it improves the range of motion and reduces pain from hard training or injuries. When you’re able to minimize inflammation after an injury, it will help get the athlete back onto the competition field sooner rather than later.

Reduces Pain

Being a professional athlete is a full-time job, and sometimes that job requires it’s employees to work through any pain that they may be feeling. CBD can be used to reduce that pain and make it easier to function during competition.

As athletes get older, they may find themselves dealing with injuries that occurred when they were younger. Using CBD can help them establish a routine form of pain management without forcing them to end their athletic careers.

At the end of the day, athletes need their bodies to remain in peak performance shape to continue earning a living. And another reason athletes want to continue playing the sports that they love is that it’s a passion of theirs, and for most, they can’t imagine doing anything else but getting ready every night and taking the court under the bright lights.

Improved Sleep Cycles

Professional athletes spend a lot of their time traveling from one place to another, from game to game, and arena to arena. Because of the constant travel, it can cause their cycle of sleep to be irregular and disrupted.

In some cases, it may leave the athlete suffering from insomnia. But, part of maintaining your body ensures that you get the right amount of sleep so your muscles and joints can heal.

When CBD oil is used, it can help athletes get a better night of sleep. The oil should be taken up to 30 minutes before bed, and as they move through their nightly routine, they’ll find themselves relaxed and right to settle in for a night of restful slumber.

Reduce Feelings of Anxiety

Even when an athlete has been playing the game they love professionally for years, they may still become anxious or nervous. Or they may find themselves suffering from anxiety that isn’t publicly known. There are many studies that provide a link between CBD use and anxiety.

CBD oil can be used to help reduce the feelings of anxiety by calming the user. Whenever you’re about to enter a situation that you know will begin to make you feel anxious, all you need to do is take your dosage before heading to the event.

By the time you reach the event, you’ll find that you’re calm and ready to take on all the PR meetings and interviews.

Cuts Down on Injury Recovery

If you’re a professional boxer, the way you make your money is to get into the ring, but what if you’re injured and unable to fight. Using CBD oil in combination with your rehabilitation treatment can heal your injuries faster and return to the ring.

You can use a mixture of CBD, including sublingually, topical, and more, to target the injury and get the best results. If you’re looking for a little more about how CBD increases athletes’ performance, check out more info here.

Ways to Take CBD

There are various ways to take CBD, and the one that you choose is a personal preference. One of the most common ways to take CBD is sublingual.

The way that you take, it is by putting a few drops of the oil under the tongue and leaving it there for about 90 seconds. Once you’ve absorbed the majority of the oil this way, you can then swallow the rest.

If you’re looking for a premeasured CBD dose, then you’re going to want to try the edible form. You can purchase CBD gummies, taffy, or other candies that already have the CBD dose.

If you’re injured and are looking for something to use directly on the affected area, you’ll want to use a topical. The topical can be used throughout the day whenever you need pain management.

Because it’s localized, it will begin to work much quicker than if you ingest it orally.

What Are the Benefits of CBD for Athletes?

When it comes to answering what are the benefits of CBD use for professional athletes, you’re going to want to read our list more than once. It will help get you back into playing shape faster, but it will also help to minimize inflammation throughout the body.

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