Recreational marijuana became legal in Nevada on January 1, 2017. For residents and tourists alike, this means visiting dispensaries and stocking up on quality pot is an absolute must.

Unfortunately, legal weed doesn’t mean you can use it without a second thought. You still need to be aware and make sure you’re following the law. Otherwise, your night out on the town could get a lot more expensive.

Here’s what you need to know about the marijuana laws in Las Vegas before you light up.

You Need a Valid ID

No matter where you’re from, you have to be at least 21 years old to buy marijuana in Las Vegas. And you’ll need to prove your age before you can start looking at products.

This means you’ll need to bring a valid government-issued ID to the dispensary even if you only want to browse. Passports, drivers’ licenses, and state ID cards are ideal.

Those IDs also have to be current. You can’t use an expired ID, even if it just expired the day before.

Buying on the Street Is Still Illegal

It’s legal to have marijuana on your person in Las Vegas. It’s legal to buy both medical and recreational weed from dispensaries.

But it’s illegal to buy cannabis on the street from a dealer. If you’re caught you could face a fine. This is because cannabis is a highly-regulated substance in the state.

Yes, there is a tax involved on every purchase, but it’s also regulated for your personal safety.

Street dealers don’t always sell pure marijuana. Sometimes, it’s laced with other drugs or cut with chemicals that put your health at risk.

When you purchase weed at a dispensary, you know exactly what you’re getting. The manufacturers cultivate cannabis safely and create products that meet the strict standards set by the state.

You’re Limited in How Much You Can Buy

The guide to buying marijuana in Las Vegas says that you’re limited to buying one ounce of marijuana flower from one dispensary each day. Once you reach that point, the dispensary can’t legally sell you more until the following day.

However, if you need to buy more than one ounce, you can. You just have to go to another dispensary.

This is completely legal…for now. As long as people don’t create legal issues that stem from purchasing more than one ounce a day, it will likely stay that way.

Dispensaries Can’t Store Your Information

If you’re from a state where marijuana isn’t legal, it’s normal to feel a bit paranoid. Luckily, the law is also on your side.

It’s illegal for dispensaries to store your information. This means they can’t take down your address, name, phone number, or email address (unless you willingly sign up for a mailing list) and store it in a filing cabinet.

They’re allowed to keep some records for the day that you’re shopping. Remember that one-ounce rule? But they can’t hold onto those files indefinitely.

This means there’s no way that your state will find out that you bought legal marijuana while you were on vacation. And the dispensary can’t sell your information to any organizations or other businesses.

You Can’t Drive While You’re High

You should only use your cannabis products when you plan to stay in or have a way to get home that doesn’t involve getting behind the wheel. This is because Las Vegas considers driving high to be just as bad as driving under the influence of alcohol.

If you’re caught high behind the wheel, the police can and will arrest you. Best case, you’ll end up facing a costly fine. However, if the incident is severe enough or you injured others in an accident, you could face harsher punishment.

Should you decide to use cannabis while you’re out and about, play it safe. Call a taxi, request an Uber, or take the bus. Never get behind the wheel.

Public Consumption Is Against the Rules

It’s legal to buy cannabis from local dispensaries, but that doesn’t mean you can light up as soon as you walk out the door. In fact, it’s illegal to use marijuana products in public places. Legally, you’re only allowed to consume cannabis in a private residence.

Before you light up at your hotel, know this: they’re allowed to ban the substance on their property.

If you’re looking for a safe place to light up that joint you just bought, your best bet is to look for cannabis-friendly lodging. Companies like Airbnb often have cannabis-friendly rentals available.

Keep in mind that, though it’s not legal, you’ll see people smoking on the Strip and many others tend to use discreet edibles or tinctures at hotels without issue.

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Well, strictly speaking, the cannabis you buy in Las Vegas MUST stay in Nevada. You can’t cross state lines with the items you buy from local dispensaries.

Doing so can get you in serious trouble with the law and is a federal crime.

That said, you’re free to travel with cannabis products on your person throughout the state. Keep in mind that you may not be able to use your cannabis everywhere you go.

Businesses, federal lands, and state parks can set their own rules and may prohibit the use of legal cannabis on the property. If you’re unsure, you can always ask.

Be Aware of Marijuana Laws in Las Vegas

Before you head to the dispensary, make sure you know what to expect and do your best to follow the marijuana laws in Las Vegas. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your high without worrying about the police writing you a ticket.

The last thing anyone wants to do is face a fine just because they wanted to have a good time.

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