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Have you heard about the beautiful city of Key West but don’t know how to start planning your travel experience?

Would you like to learn more about Key West, how to travel to Florida cheaply and still enjoy yourself, and how to design your dream travel experience?

If this sounds like you, you need to read this article. Here’s a bit about traveling to Key West and the top things to do in Key West.

Visiting the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

Visiting the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum is a must-do activity when traveling to Key West. Start your journey on the right foot by entering the museum’s meticulously kept grounds and exploring the gardens, Gulf Stream pool, and adjacent lighthouses.

Learn about the unique landscape and explore Hemingway’s two former homes and their adjoining museums. Gaze upon the over 60 cats that roam the grounds; all descended from Hemingway’s original pet cat, Snowball.

Ensure you get tickets for a guided tour of the museum and residence. Learn about the literary figure who is iconic in Key West’s history.

Watching the Sunset at Mallory Square

One of the things to do in Key West is to¬†view the sunset in Mallory Square. No trip to Key West is complete without a spectacular sunset. Depending on the amount of time you’re able to stay and plan, you can design your own travel experience.

To begin with, plan to take the Conch Tour Train or search for bike rentals to rent a bike and tour the area to get some great views of the island, local art galleries, and scenic beaches. Next, once in Mallory Square, you can pick up souvenirs from local vendors and watch the artists, street performers, and exciting characters.

As Florida sunsets in Key West, admire the beauty of the night sky over the Atlantic. Taking the time to watch a sunset at Mallory Square will be an experience you won’t forget.

Exploring Attractions on Duval Street

Exploring attractions on Duval Street is a must-do in Key West. This one-mile-long street is the island’s epicenter, packed with restaurants, bars, art galleries, and shops. Duval Street never stops overflowing with things to do, so it’s the perfect place for travelers to plan the rest of their vacation and tailor the experience to their needs.

For the art enthusiast, there are plenty of open galleries to visit and explore. For the night owl, the street is full of pubs, bars, and late-night parties. Street performers entertain with street music, art, and other exciting performances all day.

Those looking for a more relaxing time can take a leisurely walk along the street and pop into local businesses such as tattoo parlors, yoga studios, or unique souvenir shops. Whether you have a few hours or all day, Duval Street is a must-see destination and the perfect way to design your unique travel experience.

Kayaking Through Mangrove Trails

One of the top things to do in Key West is kayaking through the mangrove trails. It would be best to look into the best times of the year and where you can rent the kayak and any other necessary equipment.

The trails are often tidal and slow-moving, perfect for beginner to advanced kayakers. The kayaking experience through the mangrove trails is peaceful and scenic. Along the way, you can spot the wildlife in the mangroves, like fish, birds, and insects.

The wildlife and trails are full of rich history and exciting ecosystems. At the end of your adventure, you can enjoy beautiful sights, breathtaking scenery, and a soothing experience that you won’t soon forget.

Trying an Array of Fresh Seafood

One of the absolute best activities is trying an array of fresh seafood. Whether a seafood lover or not, this unique experience allows visitors to sample the many different seafood species native to the Key West waters. There are a variety of beautiful places nearby that serve fresh seafood.

Visitors can even partake in deep-sea fishing experiences for a day or two that offer the chance to catch and eat a variety of species of fish, such as grouper, yellowtail snapper, and hogfish. Many restaurants serve these fresh catches with various side dishes, allowing visitors to try authentic Key West dishes. No matter where one decides to get their seafood fix, seafood-filled Key West experiences are recommended while visiting.

Attending a Live Performance at the Red Barn Theater

The theater is well-known for producing Americana plays, musicals, comedies, one-person shows, and other performances. Tourists can expect a captivating and unique show due to the theater’s variety of creative arrangements. The theater is known for its intimate setting, perfect for a night out with a loved one or friends looking to experience some live theater together.

To design your travel experience, plan to attend at least one show. Most shows at the Red Barn Theater last approximately two hours, so schedule your evening accordingly. Purchase tickets in advance; the outdoor seating is limited at the venue.

Once you arrive, inspect the sight lines to your seat and familiarize yourself with the theater layout; there are only two aisles for seating and one for exiting. The theater is known for its ample bar stops; grab a beverage before the show to make your experience enjoyable.

Discover the Top Things to Do in Key West.

Key West is a unique and exciting vacation spot. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a fan of history, or a beachgoer, there’s something here for everyone.

You can create a custom tour tailored to your specific interests by taking advantage of the many resources. So start planning your trip and consider these top things to do in Key West today to make some fantastic memories.

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