When we go on vacation, it’s all about decompressing and enjoying some time to ourselves, right? 

Cultural tours and business trips go hand in hand. If you’re handling a team, networking, or world travel as part of your job, there are sure to be some boozy side events that don’t exactly qualify as off-site meetings.

How you handle that is an art form. How do you incorporate vacation drinking into a cultural tour? In the next few paragraphs, we’ll give you a few pointers.

Choosing Local Beverages

When it comes to cultural tours, knowing how to incorporate vacation drinking into your travels is essential. You will have a truly unique experience if you choose to sample the local flavors of each geographical area it visits.

The best way to choose local beverages for your cultural tour is to research ahead of time. Find out what is most popular in the region, such as beers, wines, or distilled spirits.

Whether you’re trying craft beers, locally-made wines, or traditional spirits like moonshine, sampling the local flavors is a great way to experience a destination from a new perspective. Don’t forget to look out for seasonal offerings, small-batch distillers, and even restaurants and an ice bar linked here that feature regionally crafted cocktails. 

Finding the Right Venues

When incorporating vacation drinking into a cultural tour, it is important to find the right venues to visit. The best thing to do is research local bars, clubs, and pubs to figure out what type of atmosphere they offer.

Additionally, it can be beneficial to ask locals for recommendations on where to go. Tourists can often get discounts on drinks or entry fees just by asking in the right places.

If a destination is known for alcoholic drinks like wines or beers, then a visit to a winery or brewery should be included in everyone’s itinerary. It is also important to note that many countries require drinkers to show proof of age before entering a bar, and some locations have stricter regulations than others.

Taking the time to find out about the local alcohol laws and regulations, combined with doing research to reserve spots at unique bars and pubs, can provide tourists with a great vacation drinking experience.

Taking Advantage of Local Happy Hours

When enjoying a cultural tour, vacationers should take full advantage of local happy hours. This can easily be incorporated into their visit. For example, before or after visiting a museum, site, or other destination, find a happy hour nearby featuring local fare and drinks.

This can be a great way to try regional specialties such as wines, beers, or hard liquors. Happy hours also provide an opportunity to mingle with locals and learn more about the local culture and customs.

A vacationer may even be lucky enough to come across an open mic or another form of entertainment. To take full advantage of these experiences, try to plan accordingly so that the time spent in a bar or restaurant does not cut into the time spent at a given destination.

Learn More About Vacation Drinking Now

Heed the tips listed throughout this article on how to incorporate vacation drinking into a cultural tour. Enjoy yourself responsibly, but take the time to learn about the culture through the drinks that locals consume throughout the vacation and explore.

Adopting the time-honored practice of immersing oneself in a foreign culture and its customary beverages can be an enjoyable part of any trip. 

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