The original washbasin is one of the most significant parts of the bathroom interior. Boring and single-type solutions are being replaced by luxury bathroom sinks of unique shapes and exclusive designs.

In addition to the requirements for aesthetics of the bathroom sink, its durability and usability are equally important. The manufacturers of luxury sanitary ware, like the Aquatica Company, managed to combine functionality and bright appearance in their products. That is why their bathroom sinks are in high demand in the European and American markets.

Uniqueness and Quality of Designer Sanitary Ware

Want to find an exclusive washbasin for your design project? Are you planning to furnish your bathroom brightly, creatively, and outside the box? Check out Aquatica’s catalog of luxury sanitary ware. Here you will find rare and unique models of vessel bowl sinks, stand alone tubs, chic lavatories, and showers.

Each of these sinks and bathtubs is a masterpiece of modern art and technical solution. Built-in, floor-standing, suspended – models of all shapes, colors, and sizes will help implement an extraordinary stylistic approach, rationally use the area of ​​the space, hide communications and turn the bathroom into a territory of absolute comfort. Here everyone will find a perfect solution for any design approach.

Luxury Sinks: Exclusive Design Approach and Stylistic Solutions

Made in various styles, from classic to ultra-modern, Aquatica bathroom sinks will decorate any interior and set the necessary accents in any space. Luxury bathroom sinks will accentuate the clear lines of the classics, add lightness to the Art Deco atmosphere, and hide unnecessary details that interfere with the true embodiment of minimalism.

If you can’t decide where to buy elite plumbing fixtures, the Aquatica team will be happy to make you an advantageous offer. Exclusive designer sanitary ware presented on their website is offered in a large assortment. Here you will find the best option for arranging a luxury bathroom interior.