There are more than 12 million motorcycles in use in the United States, according to surveys conducted by the Motorcycle Industry Council. Some motorcycle owners ride them as a hobby, while others use them to travel to various iconic destinations in the US and the rest of the world. You are more aware of your surroundings when traveling with motorcycles, because they put you much closer to nature’s beauty than any car can. However, for your travel adventure to be successful you will need to plan.

You will need a comfortable ride

You don’t want to end up experiencing lower back pain, neck issues, numb hands or other issues you might face from not having a comfortable ride. Most of this can be prevented by sitting up straight and pulling your shoulders and head back as you ride your motorcycle, and you can minimize strain by stretching and exercising regularly to strengthen your core. It’s also important to choose a motorcycle with the right type of saddle. A comfortable saddle should be hard enough for you not to “sink in” it when you get on your motorcycle. It should also be soft enough that it doesn’t feel like a hard pavement when you sit on it. A “sinking” saddle forces you to sit in one posture throughout the trip, which may only make it easier for you to get tired. A flat and “hard” saddle allows you to change posture from time to time, preventing discomfort and injury.

Choosing your motorcycle ride

As you plan your trip, you should be thinking of the best ride for sightseeing purposes. Some of the best motorcycle rides in the US include Carmel to Morro bay on the Pacific Coast Highway in California, Peak to Peak Highway in Colorado, and Blue Ridge parkway in North Carolina and Virginia, according to National Geographic. Expect to see towering mountain vistas, lush forests, sweeping curves and mesmerizing scenery when you are on these rides. Some of these routes can only be enjoyed during the summer because you don’t want to travel during harsh, cold or wet weather.

To really make the most of the sights, you can also take camping gear with you. You will need to pack light and use tank bags, saddle bags or even tail-bags. You should also carry few changes of clothes and sachets instead of bottles. Remember you are going on an adventurous, sight-seeing ride, so make it a trip of a lifetime by being properly prepared.