As a young lad I used to love tearing up to the oval on my pushbike, an NRL ball tucked under my arm, ready to meet the other neighborhood kids in a clash of the streets. Despite my eagerness, it was my younger brother who was always the talk of the school the next day, his side-stepping abilities were the stuff of legends, no doubt, the kids would say, he will play in the NRL one day.

Well, we all know how that all worked out. No longer the long-legged sports star, my brother now enjoys a well-paying job where he sits behind a computer and kicks goals of a different kind. We get together often and watch the footy on TV, the safest most enjoyable place to watch athletes destroy their bodies for our amusement. 

Recently, us brothers watched the footy at my house on my new Tullen leather lounge, and it went down a treat. “I never want to get up,” says my brother groggily. I am unsure whether this is the 8th beer talking or a testament to the comfort of the Tullen. It was his lucky night, as he passed out on the lunge and didn’t leave until the next day.

My lounge chair was a hit, and the next day my brother texts me and asks the specifics of the lounge. He was hosting the footy next week and wanted to upgrade his viewing platform. This got me thinking, why is my lounge so comfortable? What makes the perfect lounge for watching the footy on?


Comfort is a funny thing, for some, comfort is rigid and supportive; for others, it’s soft and sloppy. Whatever your idea of “comfy” is, a quality leather lounge is hard to beat. For me, comfort means having back and neck support while retaining the feeling of “plushness.” 

My Tullen lounge is the perfect mix of supportive and shapely foam cushions, with a luxurious, butter-smooth feeling of leather. Leather is the perfect fabric for comfort, and it possesses many attributes that still make it the king of upholstery choices. 

Leather is breathable, meaning when it’s hot, you stay cool, and when it’s cool, you stay toasty warm. Unlike pleather or various other synthetic fabrics, leather wicks away moisture giving you a cool, dry place to relax and unwind. Leather achieves this breathability because it comprises of several cellular layers, much like real skin deals with heat and moisture, leather regulates its temperature no matter the season.


While a leather lounge like the Tullen is made for decades of comfort, there is one huge benefit to leather that goes beyond just sitting in the chair. Unlike fabric lounges, leather is easy to clean and maintain and stays fresh and comfortable for decades if treated with care.

What can be better than a good looking, durable, and easy to clean lounge? Why a lounge that also repels allergens and dust, of course! Unlike other fabrics, leather repels dust and other particles that can irritate us. If you pet that lounge to lounge like you, leather is the best choice…just watch their claws!

Leather lounges like the Tullen have long been the superior choice for sports lovers like my brother and me; with a blend of class and comfort, it’s easy to see why. Digging a little deeper, we can see just what makes leather quality leather lounges so comfortable. I have only one complaint about my new Tuyllen lounge, its too easy to drift off to sleep after a few drinks, now that’s a problem I like to have.