A Home is a lot more than a place where one seeks shelter. For many people, it is their little paradise where they relax and have peace of mind. However, after a couple of years, that same house gets monotonous and starts to lose its appeal. So, how about you primp it with some exclusive décor? Honestly, the start of the new decade could be the perfect time to update your home according to the changing trends.

Every homeowner wishes to leave an outstanding impression on their guests with their fabulous interior design. Since it is always great to hear wows and witness those speechless looks on the faces of your guests while they admire your home’s impressive design. However, don’t drive yourself crazy over it by overspending on decor.  Even minor changes and replacements can help elevate the visual appeal of your home.

Whether you idolize the simplicity of modern interior design or savor in contemporary design with new and innovative trends, either way, some décor, and upgrades will help your house stand out from the crowd. Thus, observe places and objects which need attention and start your home décor journey.

If you are wondering how to come up with killer interior design ideas, here we are unpacking ten trendy interior decoration ideas for your home:

1.    Dress Up Your Walls

First of all, you need to redecorate your walls. Although the paint seems fresh and clean, you can’t leave the walls empty. Here are some marvelous wall décor ideas, so let’s take a look:

  • Map Art

These days, people are drooling over beautifully detailed wall maps, which can add style and interest to your room. It has become one of the statement décors pieces in 2020, so consider getting one for your home. You can opt for a custom map highlighting the places you have visited, and add your tour pictures for a personal touch. It would become a beautiful spot in your house full of memories.

  • Gallery Wall

If you have made up your mind about custom map art on one of the walls, consider making the other a gallery wall. For this, you have to grab exclusive mirrors of varying sizes and shapes with a couple of art pieces. Arrange them on your wall randomly, and if you are fond of taking pictures, don’t mind adding a couple of photo frames. Once this is complete, lighten up the wall with some wall lamps or spotlights.

  • Antique Paintings

Unsurprisingly, you are not running out of walls in your house. Hence, add some unique art pieces from the late 1600s to admire ancient beauty. If you don’t want to hang them, let those portraits lean against the wall side by side to add a classical touch.

2.    Utilize High-Contrast Décor

These days, high-contrast designs are having their moment, giving you a chance to experiment with it in your house. A flat and uni-colored interior no longer appeals to anyone, so adding some contrast could be a way to eliminate this concern. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself with brighter colors, even a mix and match with neutrals, nudes, or rich jewel tones would work.

Are you wondering how to go about it? Pick different things, a black and white striped couch, with a minimalist artistic frame, a leather sofa, and a golden chandelier. All things seem poles apart, but they can make the room look stunning when put together. In short, it is about testing different things instead of sticking to one particular theme.

Did you want to paint your walls black? Honestly, this is the time for you to give it a shot because now, you can take inspiration from astounding ideas by some top-notch brands.

3.    Get Inspired by Greenery

You have plenty of reasons to experiment with house plants, as you can never go wrong with some greenery. These green beauties scrub the indoor air while elevating the décor of your house. If you don’t feel like putting a houseplant on every corner, create a ‘bar cart’ near your window. Decorate it with different species and sizes of plants in exclusive spots to soften the edgy décor.

Likewise, if you are fond of the fresh smell of flowers, get some daisies on board with transparent flower vases. It not only creates a refreshing atmosphere in the house, but flowers make your entire interior look beautiful. Besides, if you don’t have time and patience to look after a living thing, get your hands-on fake palm trees. Granted, until you touch them, it is impossible to differentiate between the artificial and fake ones.

4.    Add Vintage and Patina Details

Believe it or not, what goes around, comes around, especially when talking about fashion and home décor. All the vintage-styled detailing and design is making its comeback in 2020. As a result, designers are coming up with their version of vintage furniture and furnishing. Thus, if your dining table needs a touch-up, jazz it up with some spooled legs or spindles and get a beautifully designed table covers wholesale to enhance your dining space. Similarly, Patina is among the emerging design trends, and you find it in various shades and colors.

5.    Install a Hammock Bed

Do you crave a comfy relaxation spot at home? Let us help you create one with style, making it a part of your interior design. Hammock beds are known for their comfort and handy design. Many brands are offering beautiful designs that go along with the theme of every modern home. If you have a two-story house, then simply create a hammock floor with a net.

Otherwise, find a cozy spot anywhere and start hanging the bed. Throwdown similar shape pillows as your sofas and enjoy warm afternoons here. Honestly, your guests would enjoy swinging in your hammock bed.

6.    Make your Kitchen Cabinets Pop

Nowadays, people are bidding goodbye to plain vanilla kitchens as they welcome the diverse colors that define current kitchen trends. You must have come across a two-toned kitchen, either on the internet or at a friend’s house. They look surprisingly dull. Even if you don’t want to let go of the white cabinets, add bold contrasts of black and grey or lighter variations of blues and greens. This trend can be equally applied to a chic cottage or a modern mansion since you only need a few brushes and paint buckets.

Pro-tip: Always pick a darker color for lower cabinets and a lighter one for upper cabinets to instantly attract interest.

7.    Create a Posh Entryway

The entrance of your home speaks for itself, which means it demands much attention. However, you can’t put a red carpet for your guests to make it look exotic, or a table console with a couple of chairs can make it look gorgeous too. Keep the decoration on the console minimal – a houseplant and a candle stand would be more than enough. Above the console, place an artistic piece of painting, but nothing extraordinary. Also, the guests can use these chairs to change their shoes.

8. Consider a Canopy Bed

At some point in time, everyone dreamt of having a canopy bed. Luckily, now you can turn those childhood fantasies into reality as canopy beds no longer need large headboards or heavy drapes. All the modern versions are made of acrylic metal and sleek frames, giving a modern yet classic touch to these beds. They make a room look beautiful and elegant without costing you an arm and a leg.

However, you can alter the canopy bed’s style and size in case of any space issues. With the availability of numerous size and shapes, you can readily find something which fits perfectly into your space. Similarly, your room doesn’t have to be a blast from the past since the latest designs offer a modern look. So, in this decoration spree, don’t mind devoting some attention to the interior of your bedroom.

9. Spruce Up the Floorings

Do you want to leave your guests awestruck?  Consider installing stylish hardwood flooring – Harwood adds luxury to your home’s interior. It is nothing like those vinyl or laminate floorings; instead, it makes your interior design look magnificent. No doubt that it is expensive to add hardwood, but it is a worthwhile investment. Alongside enhancing the visual appeal, it upsurges the net worth of your house too.

10. Light Up the House 

Unsurprisingly, lighting can either make or break the look of your house. You might have exquisite interior design, but crummy and awful lighting can make everything look ordinary. If you want to impress your guests, then make sure to get the right type of lights in place. These days, pendant lamps are receiving all the hype since it is the perfect way to add a luxurious touch and turn up visual appeal. If your pendant lights or chandeliers have white lights, then switch tables, floor, and wall lamps to yellow lights. Keep adjusting the lights to see what compliments your interior design best.


With an overwhelming number of décor ideas, it is never easy to make decisions. Start by looking around your house and identify old things or those which have faded away with time. It could be your traditional dining table, your annoying wallpapers, or your lousy lighting. Start by addressing these essentials; And don’t hesitate to experiment or leave any stone unturned until you end up with an exquisite interior.