If you’ve spent quarantine staring at your walls, it may be painfully obvious that you need a change. Yet changing the decor in your home can be a tough project if visualizing possibility isn’t a talent of yours.

The good news is you don’t have to see the finished product in your mind at the beginning. If you start with a theme, you can make progress as you go along, changing one thing at a time.

Here are some creative, inexpensive home decorating ideas that are sure to get your wheels turning.

Novelty Themes

One of the best creative home decor ideas is to capitalize on your hobbies and interests. For example, if your family’s schtick is that you’re really into football and a specific team, you can decorate your living room to show your allegiance. Frame some photos of your family in team jerseys, and consider adding a team street sign.

While it’s illegal to steal a street sign, you may have other ways of acquiring a street sign. From garage sales to antique shops, buying a street sign secondhand is a great way to find one for your home.

You can even get custom street signs, which is an even better option because the world is your oyster. You don’t have to pray for a miracle to come across the perfect sign. Design your own, and the exact look you’re going for, without the exhausting hunt.

If sports aren’t your thing, other novelty themes work great. For Coca Cola collectors, some vintage Coke items work well, with red accents. You can even try a 50s diner approach if you like Elvis. Whatever the favorite inspiration is, try making an entire room based on that concept.

Creative, Inexpensive Home Decorating Ideas for Light

Using light to your advantage is one of the most creative ways to brighten a room and make it feel more spacious. Use mirrors or lights in unique places to achieve the look.

Mirror Tips

Line a tray with a mirror in the bottom. If you don’t have a mirror that fits the tray, check with a local glass supplier. Many of them will cut glass to custom fit your needs.

You can also build your own tray to fit your mirror if you prefer. It’s not very difficult–here’s a tutorial that can help.

Another great place to use mirrors for artistic home decor is on a coffee table or side table. Place one underneath a decorative object, like a candlestick or a knick-knack.

Try mounting a large mirror horizontally on the wall to really give your space some depth. Mount it opposite a window for maximum light reflection. A tall, stand-alone mirror in the corner is also helpful, whether it’s an antique hinged mirror or a heavy, leaning mirror.

Lighting Tips

Here’s a way to brighten the room without mirrors: change the lightbulbs. Use brighter bulbs, like changing to 75-watt bulbs from 60-watt. If you’re already at 75 watts, try 100-watt bulbs.

Ceiling fan bulbs are similar. Increase from 25-watt bulbs to 40-watt, if you can find them. Pay special attention to the color of the light.

Don’t trust the description on the box to give you the warm or cool light you’re looking for. Look for the number of Kelvins the bulbs are rated for, like 2900 or 4000. The higher the number, the whiter the light.

5000K is typical for a more industrial look. A home with 2900K bulbs might feel brighter if you installed 3500K bulbs instead. Don’t go too high, though, or you’ll feel like you’re in an institution.

You can also add a lamp or two to help brighten a room. If the ceiling fixtures don’t provide enough light, add a floor or table lamp to increase the amount of light. Choose translucent lampshades so more light leaks through.

Create a Focal Point

Inspirational wall decor doesn’t have to be a trial. Use the space to make a place homey, as well as personal. Connect your taste with your overall decorating theme to nail the look and impress your friends.

Many people make their TV the focal point of their sitting room. Unfortunately, a television mounted above the mantel isn’t as attractive as a Renoir art print (or an original, if that’s in your budget!). It doesn’t have to be an Impressionist work, but a painting is a big boost for your room over electronics.

Choose a favorite poster or large framed quote. Even a giant round mirror or clock would work, so long as it goes with the decor choice. For example, a steampunk look might call for a mixed media piece with gears for texture.

Farmhouse homes would look great with a distressed wood piece, maybe with a tractor or a farm animal motif. Industrial chic spaces would show off an iron pipe sculpture or framed blueprint.

Your focal point is also a great opportunity to display your personality. If you’re known for your love of supporting local businesses, then an original piece you love from a local artist or a family member is a great way to show off your values. It’s also a unique home decor element that will be a conversation starter during awkward moments.

Funky, Modern Vibes

Inspirational decor comes in all shapes and sizes, and even more off-the-wall ones. For example, if you like horror movies or you’re in the film industry, create a unique bathroom that embodies the idea. An avant-garde paint job like black and white walls with red trim would show off the horror movie posters well.

Put a director’s chair in the corner for storing necessaries, like extra toilet paper or bathroom reading material. Stock a few film industry magazines or movie scripts, as well as a crossword puzzle book with a movie star theme.

No matter your eccentric tastes, you don’t have to feel weird about them. Even if they’re unique, use your unusual tastes and talents to your decorating advantage when you make it a room’s theme.

Clever and Original

Looking for creative, inexpensive home decorating ideas is easier than ever when you use these ideas to fuel your search. From hobby and collection-themed rooms to lighting tips, transforming your space based on your personality becomes a pleasure rather than a chore.

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