People from all over the world have flown over to the States to embark on the journey that is the great American road trip. A lot of people feel the need to travel up and down the country or from coast to coast, and while this is a brilliant experience, it can also be exhausting and takes up a lot of time. If you want to still get the experience of a road trip, but want to spend more time seeing a place and less time on the road, why not focus your vacation on a single state? Or even a city and its surrounding areas? San Antonio, Texas, is a brilliant choice for a vacation spot and is one of the most exciting and pretty cities in the state. If you’re looking for ideas for your next getaway, read on for tips on how to plan the perfect road trip across San Antonio and beyond. 

Organizing a Vehicle

There are many different types of cars you can rent for your road trip. Many people like the idea of choosing a classic American muscle car for the experience, but the truth is an RV is the better choice for time on the road. It’s far more spacious, and as you can sleep in it you don’t have to worry about booking into numerous motels, hotels or B&B’s on your way, making your vacation a lot more affordable. Do your research and find and book   inexpensive RV in San Antonio, TX.  Never leave these things to last-minute otherwise, you might find there are no suitable sizes left for your party or vehicles that are within your price range. Always read the fine print to make sure you do not agree to additional terms you might not be able to uphold. 

Search for Campsites and RV parks

Secondly, you will need to determine suitable places you can stop off and park your RV while you’re on the road. There are many campgrounds you can stay at  in the San Antonio area; some are closer to the city and other further afield if you want to branch out and see the areas surrounding the city. Different sites will have various rates, so make sure you check this before you book so you can work these costs into your budget. It will also help you to decide how long to stay in each place, which will make planning your overall trip much easier. 

Write a List of Places You Want to See

There are a lot of must-see tourist spots in San Antonio city, such as the famous Alamo, the San Antonio River Walk, and the Natural Bridge Caverns, to name just three. On any trip, you will need to carefully decide what you want to see as you might not have time to visit all of the wonderful places San Antonio has to offer. Write down ten locations you don’t want to miss, and then a secondary ten you’d like to see if you have the time. How much you get to see will, of course, depend on the length of your stay. You might also want to consider which areas are within walking distance from your RV park site or that accommodate parking when it comes to a larger vehicle. Additionally, think about public transport links like buses or write down the numbers of a few taxicab companies in the area. 


You will also need to work out a daily budget for your trip. As you have rented an RV, the costs of accommodation should be lower than the average vacation but remember to keep enough money aside for refueling the RV as you travel around. You will also be able to prepare food in the RV, which could help to save money on eating out during your trip. Although San Antonio has a range of fantastic restaurants and eateries, it’s easy to spend a lot of your budget on food if you’re eating out at least twice a day. If you’re planning to buy gifts or souvenirs for people to take home with you, set a spending limit on these, too, and remember to consider additional costs on items if you’re returning home to a country outside of the United States. 

Additional Places in the San Antonio Area

Some other places you might be interested in seeing during your time in San Antonio are as follows. The San Antonio zoo is a great day out for both adults and kids, but if you are vacationing with your family, this would undoubtedly be a good day out for you all. Other good spots for those traveling with children are SeaWorld, the Witte Museum, the Six Flags theme park. Other fun attractions include Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, for those who love all things spooky, and the San Antonio River Walk cruise, which you can get on and off at your leisure. 

Spend some time up in Bamberger Nature Park and roam the trails through the trees and camp at the nearby Braun Oaks Campground. If you want to see a bit more of Texas, Corpus Christi isn’t too far from San Antonio, and you can enjoy breath-taking coastal views from Mustang Island while you’re there. This is ideal for those traveling in an RV and allows you to see a little more of what the state has to offer, without cutting into your vacation time too much. 

A road trip is a brilliant and fun way to explore an area during your vacation. By focusing on a city such as San Antonio, you will get to see a lot of what it has to offer and have a far richer experience. Just remember to plan your trip thoroughly and book your RV in advance to get the best deals and size for your party. Always make sure you know where the best campsites are and the right places to stop off and refuel where you need to. This way, you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime stress-free!