When you want to update your look there is no better way than to update your nails. Since you can change your nails quickly and easily, it is a great way to stay current with fashion trends and pull together a coordinated look based on the catwalks and your own individual style.

When it comes to polish, what are the Top Fall Trends For Nails?

This fall, get inspiration from the fashion collections and update your nails with some of these key looks.

Metallic Midnight Blue

Everyone is wild for metallic shades on their nails and this season it’s all about metallic blue to get noticed. Metallic blue is stylish without being over-the-top and it looks great for daytime as well as nighttime wear. Or if you want something a little more muted but you still love metallic, try a metallic plum shade.

Beautiful Burnt Orange

Orange nails? Is the thought a little too bohemian for you? Try a modern shade of orange that looks stylish and classy, but with an added zing that gives your nails plenty of power.

Go For Gray

Gray may not immediately be the color you associate with fashion-forward nails but it is all over the catwalks this season. Gray instantly updates your look, it suits all skin tones, and it is ideal for the workplace.

Brown Beauty

Chocolate hues brighten up your nails without adding anything to your waistline. Brown shades are rich and satisfying, and look great in the day or the evening.

Silver Bullet

Silver is the new neutral. It’s an easy to wear shade that nevertheless helps you to stand out from the crowd. Choose a silver polish that provides some sparkle but not too much – metallic flecks within the silver make this stylish rather than space-age. Or check out chrome for a brand-new look for your nails. Chrome is a perfect shade for beautiful nails that get you noticed.

Red Alert

Don’t hold back – these Fall Nail Designs are full of beautiful, powerful red shades, especially shades of fiery red that look fierce. Fall is the perfect time to be bold with your nails when everyone needs a little color in their life.

Sparkling Nail Jewels

If you want to add some sparkle to your look but you love neutral shades too much, add 3D jewels. You get the bling factor without going over the top.

Dark and Stormy

Paint some dark passion on your nails by applying a moody dark shade like purple or black, and add decal effects with dark florals. You’ll be channeling the moody floral prints from the catwalks on your nails this season.

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Fall Nail Designs


Image: Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net