Are you looking to make a great investment in sneakers?

If so, you’ve got to keep an eye on the Air Jordan release dates for 2022. While Q1 is coming to a close, we’ve still got several months to see more great releases of new Air Jordan shoes.

We’ve prepared this guide so you know the release dates for the best Air Jordans we can expect in 2022. This will help you decide on which Air Jordan drops you want to invest in.

Here’s what you need to know.

March 2022

March has already been a great month for sneaker releases in 2022 and more are on the way!

One of the best releases has been the unique Air Jordan XXX collection which you can view here!

These are great high-top sneakers that come in a variety of colors and designs. These are also likely to become one of the most popular ranges of Air Jordans so the demand will continue to grow.

Another great option is the Air Jordan 1 Low “Game Royal.” This is a beautiful low-top sneaker in a rich blue color. These sneakers work for playing basketball as well as everyday wear.

It’s one of the most affordable Air Jordans, retailing for an average of $110. This is a great purchase for the beginner investor.

Toward the end of the month, we’ll also see the release of the Air Jordan 1 Low “Aluminum.” This is another beautiful sneaker that’s great for everyday wear.

April 2022

April will be a great month for seasoned investors. The month starts off with the release of the High ’85. One of the most popular color schemes for this sneaker is likely to be the “Georgetown.”

This is likely to be a more expensive sneaker. But while you’ll have to make a large investment up front, one can expect this sneaker’s value to appreciate in the coming years.

It’s expected to see several Air Jordan releases each week. During the final week of April, you’ll see a release of two great high-top sneakers.

There are two models of the Air Jordan 1 that are slated for release on April 30. These are the “Light Curry” and the “Iron Ore.” These are likely to get released with a high price – within the $250 – $500 range.

As a result, these latter shoes might be out of reach for the average investor. But as these are popular shoes for hardcore basketball fans you might be able to flip them for a better price in a few years.

May to August

These months will see an influx of Air Jordans that work for professional investors and everyday consumers.

We won’t see a release in May until the 7th of the month. The Air Jordan 9 in “Chile Red” will get released and we expect it to become one of the best Air Jordans of all time.

This is a minimalist Air Jordan sneaker that works for playing basketball as well as for everyday fashion. As a minimalist piece, it works well for different outfit styles. This looks like it might be a great investment that can sell fast.

The following week, we’ll see the release of several new Air Jordans. One that you should keep your eye out for is the Air Jordan 3. While this is one of the oldest models available, it’s now getting released in the “Neapolitan” color.

This is easily one of the most beautiful sneakers that have been released from the Air Jordan line. We expect to see these sneakers become popular among fashion enthusiasts.

Next, let’s jump to the end of June. While June will see several new sneaker releases the best option is undoubtedly the High OG Air Jordan 1. This will get released in the “Stage Haze” color.

This will also be another attractive option for everyday consumers. It’s also one of the most affordable options we can expect from Air Jordan. At the end of July, you’ll also see the Low Top release of this sneaker which serves as a great alternative.

In mid-August, you want to also consider the High OG in the “Yellow Toe” color scheme.

Final Quarter

The Air Jordan releases slow down in the final quarter of 2022. As such, your choice is limited but there are still a few gems to look out for.

On September 17, you should look into the new release of the Air Jordan 1 High OG. While 2022 is seeing many releases of this shoe, it’s getting released in the “Heirloom” color scheme. This is a tan color scheme which we haven’t seen often from the Air Jordan line.

On September 30, we’ll see a “Denim” release of this same sneaker. While this design isn’t to everyone’s taste, it might be a great investment precisely because of this! This might become a rare sneaker in the future so you might want to buy it on release day.

The same day, you’ll also see the release of the “Ginger” model of the Air Jordan 14. This is another rare design that might sell for a much higher price in the future.

On October 29, you’ll see the High OG “Chicago” release that’ll be popular among fans of Michael Jordan. It’s likely that this will become one of Air Jordan’s most popular sneakers of all time.

We don’t see any great releases for much of November or December. However, the year ends with Air Jordan 1 High sneaker available in “Gorge Green.” This is another unique design that might bring in high returns if you re-sell it within a few years.

Keep an Eye on These Air Jordan Release Dates

Now you know the important Air Jordan release dates and can start making great investments in 2022!

We’ve already seen some great releases in the first two weeks of March. You might want to get your hands on these sneakers before they sell out. April also promises several new releases.

More great sneakers are expected to get released between May to August that’ll likely bring high returns. The final quarter slows down but there are still a few gems that might rake in a lucrative sum within a few years.

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