Over the past decade, many things have changed in the world. People now depend on the internet to conduct many important things in their lives. Now have electric cars and it seems as if they will become the norm over the next decade. Trends go international much faster and what is hot in Tokyo today, makes its way to Toronto nearly overnight.

One of the biggest trends today is that women of larger size have become in-fashion. Big girls are making their presence felt in everything from fashion magazines to the catwalk. And they are wearing it all, with nothing off limits. You might see a group of them in plus size evening gowns with sleeves or sleeveless sun dresses. They’re no longer apologizing for their size, instead of throwing it in our faces and daring us to not take it. It has definitely become the time of the bigger woman, and trends seem to be going that way for the foreseeable future. Here is what is driving this trend.

The Clothes for Larger Women and Girls Look Great Today

Bigger women used to have to shop in special sections in stores and the clothing selections were horrendous. In addition, they were often made to feel bad about going into the oversized sections to find what small amounts of clothing there was available.

Today however nearly every major designer is making clothing with the bigger woman in mind. And they are putting larger models in their clothing online and in magazines. Women today can go into shops and to purchase everything from bathing suits to plus size evening gowns with sleeves, and they are loving the freedom.

Women have Been Suppressed for Too Long

Throughout history, women have had to play second class citizens to men in business, and in virtually every other area of their lives. Even though women outnumber men and the argument can be made because of how well they test in specific areas, that they are more suitable to run businesses and become good politicians, women still occupy only a small percentage of the seats of power.

The 2000s brought the rise of Girl Power with the internet allowing women all over the world to talk with each other in real time and compare their circumstances. As a result women everywhere are now coming up with solutions and demanding their fair share. Along with this they are tired of being told their success has to be attached to their looks.

They don’t want to hear about their looks not being acceptable any more. They simply want to feel good about themselves and as a result many of the larger women do not feel the need to try and get smaller. Instead they want to feel empowered no matter what size they are.

They Look Good

You might be the type who likes to see girls so skinny they look like they need a sandwich or they might pass out, but the rest of us are realizing how much we like to see a woman with meat on her bones. Back in the Renaissance and in countries where food is scarce bigger women and the bigger women look is what is sought after. The reason is simple, bigger women look healthier.

It is a new day and age for plus sized women. They are now part of the mainstream.