No matter how long you have had a law firm, making sure it is successful is your number one goal.

With that in mind, what measures are you taking to grow it?

Keep in mind that without growth, you could be on the outside looking in when it comes to being in the legal field.

So, is it time to grow?

Take Action to Get More Business

In your quest to get more business and set yourself apart from competitors, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

1. Knowing when to expand or move on – One of the key things you need to know is when the time may be to expand your practice. If you feel as if the caseload is getting to be too much, taking on another attorney or two may be the option possible. That said you want to make sure you get the right person or persons in with you. Not doing so can upset the balance and cause issues. One of the ways to find another attorney or attorneys would be working with a legal headhunter. This is a great way to have someone looking out for your practice. They can search to find the right attorney or attorneys who’d fit in nicely with your practice. In knowing when to expand your practice, keep in mind there will always be a need for legal help. As such, it comes down to knowing when you need more help and you see your client base growing. On the flip side, you may be ready to go to work for someone else. If so, your legal headhunter can help scan the legal scene for you. They can see which law firms have openings and how you can get your foot in the door. No matter which side of the coin you are on, having the right headhunter looking out for you is key.

2. Making sure potential clients know about your firm – What good is your law firm if hardly knows about you? That is why you need to create a buzz. You can do this through a wide variety of resources. Your website and social media pages are two keys. Do you have a business app? If not, now would be a good time to consider getting one. Doing some client testimonials is good too. When you have satisfied clients (see more below), chances are some or many of them will tell others about you. Doing a short video or written statement via email can be a bump for your law firm.

3. Giving people reason to call– Finally, doing a great job representing tends to lead to more calls. Individuals have all kinds of legal needs. From divorce to criminal charges and more, there will always be a need for legal help. As such, make sure you are doing everything possible to best represent clients. When you can provide legal relief for someone, chances are good they are not going to forget you.

In growing your law firm, what are your top priorities?