Videoing captioning is an important aspect of visual media, be that with television, films, or online videos such as the ones on YouTube. Captioning is the art of recording what was said and by whom in a video and then displaying that information via text so that people can read it. 

This makes it far easier to watch content, especially at a low volume, which a lot of people like to do when browsing videos in their social feeds. However, there are many other important uses and benefits of captioning and transcribing, as well as various reasons why it’s done. Here’s a look at why video transcription and captioning are so important, and why your business should caption every video it produces.

Improves Accessibility 

Captioning allows for people to experience content and media in an entirely visual way and allows them to do so without losing meaning. This is important for society, as there are various numbers of people who are unable to hear well due to be being audibly impaired or deaf. This means that captions give them an opportunity to watch a film or television series without having to sacrifice their understanding—meaning that they’re more inclined to want to view the content and watch it. That’s why, if you’re a social media manager conducting a social video campaign, you want to ensure that the video is accurately captioned so that this growing section of the population can actually access your content and convert into a customer. 

Furthermore, another big reason why businesses should always add captions to their video is because more and more people tend to watch social media videos without sound. This is because on most social feeds, videos play automatically on a person’s newsfeed without sound, so to better encourage them to watch it all the way through they need to be able to understand what’s going on visually with captions. If they can’t, then they’re just going to scroll right through. 

Allows Your Videos To Be Used More 

In order to enjoy a video with sound, you need to first either go to a quiet place where you can hear it or put on earphones. It also means that mobile users will have to open up a video and play it in full screen, which although isn’t a massive deal, is an extra step that might put people off. 

Adding CART transcription to your videos means that your video can be used in more ways, as now people can watch it in silence and engage with it on their social feeds. This then makes people more inclined to share it, therefore helping your content go viral and get in front of more users and potential customers. People spend on average six hours a day looking at videos on their social media feeds and reels, so it’s important that you allow your video to maximize for that type of viewership, and the best way to do that is to make it as easy to watch as is humanly possible. 

Use the above tips to increase the number of people who can access your business marketing videos getting more views on YouTube, which in turn, may increase your customer base.