It’s almost impossible to run a successful business without some kind of help from ERP (enterprise resource planning) business solutions. From small, medium, to large business – all rely on the streamlining and automated processing power of ERP.

ERP helps businesses manage inventory, sales, warehousing, manufacturing, marketing, HR, and more. It can be customized to accommodate pretty much any kind of unique company processes or industry-specific regulations.

For instance, if a manufacturing company houses its warehouse and operations in the U.S., then certain parameters of their ERP software can be customized to account for various manufacturing regulations set by the local government. This makes government compliance easier, as the software will track these regulations for you.

Growth Adds Complexity to Organizations

As your company grows and expands to other locations and other countries, compliancy becomes an issue. There’s also the problem of trying to streamline multiple infrastructures of ERP into one so that they are all working in unison and combining your multi-level organization into a single unit that can be managed from a single piece of software.

This is where global ERP software becomes necessary in order to manage your operations on a global scale. Though the transition to your new system may be challenging, global ERP consulting is available so that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

ERP consultants can assess your organization and identify which global ERP system will work best for you. They will also be able to integrate you into the new system, which can be a huge challenge when you are dealing with existing or legacy systems that will be difficult to connect to your new one.

What Global ERP Can Do for You

One of the most important pieces of managing a business is being able to see the big picture. This becomes increasingly more difficult the larger your business gets, especially when pieces of your organization exist on different parts of the planet.

Enterprise resource planning software lets you see the big picture all through a single piece of software. It gathers all your data from multiple locations and organizes it into one, allowing you to manage everything from a system. You’ll receive insights about operations and sales, and be able to make important decisions on the fly without having to wait from reports from other locations.

Real-time access to information is also important for every aspect of your organization. With every department, office, warehouse, and entity, having access to the same info, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page. This means less time coming up with reports to share with the rest of the business, and more time acting on that information in order to improve company operations.

At the end of the day, it’s all about being able to provide the best services and/or products to your customers, and you won’t be able to do that if you’re too busy trying to organize things on an international level. This is why so many businesses today rely on global ERP; the alternative is a huge headache that may just end up costing you.