If your company is not already making efforts to go greener then it is really something that you should be considering. The reasons behind this are numerous, there is obviously the moral side of things when it comes to helping avoid climate change, the fact that you can actually be more appealing to eco-conscious customers plus the fact that in doing so you can actually save money. There are many companies in a variety of industries that are deciding to go green, introducing a range of new products and ways of working in order to do so. Recycling for example is becoming a very common practice amongst industries, utilizing methods like a solvent recycler, paper waste recycling and e-easte recycling. Aside from this however, there is much more that your business can do to be greener, let’s take a look.

Paperless Offices

Going paperless has a great many more benefits than simply making your business greener, including the fact that you can save money and become more efficient in doing so. We all know the volume of trees which are destroyed in order to create paper, and that can be stopped if more business decided against it. Thankfully we live in a world which is very much digital, so making this change can be done easily and cost-effectively.

Office Freedom

If your business is office based then why not look to save money on energy by allowing your employees to work from home. We now have a great number of tools which you can use to allow this to happen, and there is a huge amount of software which can be used to manage your employees remotely. Other than meetings, there is not very much which one can do in the office, that they cannot do from home. Whilst you may need to supplement your employees for printing and internet costs, this will be far cheaper than running an office.

Alternative Energy

We have so many options available to businesses that will allow them to power themselves with renewable energy such as wind and solar. For many this may seem like a futuristic way of creating energy but the truth is that it is most certainly a very present day approach, which can save money and energy. The outlay for solar panels for example may seem steep, but they will pay for themselves time and time again in the coming years, not to mention the good they will do for the planet.


Another great way to be greener in the business is to organize your staff’s transportation, in a way that will see them use more public transport and car-pooling options. A great way to ensure that the staff get on board is to offer cash incentives for doing so, or incentives such as a bonus structure or additional days off. If you have a large workforce who travel to the job on their own, the pollution levels from their cars and transport options will be huge.

There are many ways to go green, and your business will be much better for doing so.