It’s almost your anniversary and you’ve found yourself in a panic! You’re not sure what to buy for your boyfriend or husband. Buying for men is difficult as there aren’t as many items or gift sets to choose from.

Do you go with a classic sweater? Do you ask him what he needs and make a purchase dependent on his answer? Or, do you choose something at random and hope that he likes it?

The answer is none of the above.

There are more cute anniversary ideas for him than you might think. Instead of resorting to a pair of underwear or new sneakers, choose something that’s more personalized and unique. Sometimes, it’s the personalized items that steal someone’s heart the most.

If you’re trying to do or give something cute for your anniversary, then you’ll want to continue reading below. Here are several different anniversary ideas for him that you’re both sure to love!

1. A Q&A Journal

A Q&A journal is the perfect gift for him and you as a couple. The way this journal works is that there are several questions written inside of it. There are three years worth of questions, meaning that each day for three years, you’ll answer one question together.

These questions can be about anything, and the best part about it is that you’ll answer the questions as a couple. Then, once the journal is completed, you can go back and revisit all of the fun answers you two wrote together. It’s a great way to keep track of good times and memories.

2. Name a Star

If your man enjoys astrology, then there’s no doubt that he’ll love being able to name a star of his very own. You’ll be able to buy your own star and then name it whatever you’d like. After making the purchase, you’ll be given the deed to the star as well.

You can decide to either buy and name the star for your loved one and then let him know by showing him the paperwork, or you can buy it and let him name it himself. When purchasing a star as a gift, consider turning your new star into a gift set. The certificate will have a wooden frame, and it comes inside a black presentation box.

3. “Where We’ve Been” World Map

The “Where We’ve Been” world map is an excellent choice for couples who love to travel together. Or, if your man travels a lot for work, then this could also be a fun gift for him. The map starts out as a blank world map, but as you visit places, you’ll color them in on the map.

Once you start to travel to more locations, you’ll begin to see the map come to life. This also helps the two of you keep track of where you have or haven’t been, which is perfect for when planning your next couple’s trip!

4. Memory Pillows

Buying your significant other a pillow is a great idea, but buying him a memory pillow is even better. DIY memory pillows are super personalized and customizable. This makes this gift something that he’ll treasure for a lifetime.

You can take just about anything and have it printed onto a piece of fabric then used to make a pillow. For example, you can have your favorite photo of the two of you printed on it, or something a bit more unique like your marriage certificate.

5. Monogrammed Robes

There’s no question that things can get a bit chilly when stepping out of the shower. If your man doesn’t already have a robe of his own, it’s time to purchase one for him and help keep him warm. However, to make things more personal, consider having his initials monogrammed onto the robe.

This is a huge hit with many men, and he’ll soon feel like a true king. You also won’t have to worry about him taking yours anymore.

6. Photo Quilt

Another way to help your man stay warm is to gift him with a new quilt or blanket. Make it feel more like a gift from the heart by creating a quilt pattern made from different photos of the two of you. You can also print out one big picture on a blanket for him.

You can think of some other ideas besides just pictures of the two of you as well. For example, maybe he has a favorite picture of him and his childhood dog or him and a parent or grandparent. Anything that you know means something special to him should be used when creating a personalized quilt or blanket.

7. Personalized Leather Flask

If your man is a drinker, then consider a personalized leather flask. A leather flask is elegant and sophisticated. But another way to help it become even more personalized is to add his initials onto the leather.

If a flask is something that you know he’ll get use out of, then this could be the perfect gift!

Choose From These Cute Anniversary Ideas for Him!

Choosing the right anniversary gift for him can become a struggle. It’s not the easiest task to shop for a man. However, if you keep these cute anniversary ideas for him in mind while doing your shopping, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for him!

Remember that the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart and show personalization and uniqueness!

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