Marijuana is one of the oldest psychoactive substances.

More states and countries are legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Marijuana is safer than other substances, even alcohol. When taxed, marijuana can benefit the government greatly.

Are you a marijuana user in a place where it’s legal?

Then you need something to smoke out of! If you prefer bongs, there’s no shortage of high-quality bongs in the world. Unfortunately, they can be expensive.

Have you ever wondered if you can just make your own and get the same quality?

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Here’s the difference between a store-bought and homemade bong.

The Type of Bong You Want to Smoke

When shopping for a bong, there are many options available.

Should you buy one from the store or make your own?

Straight Tube

Straight tubes offer the simplest design if you’re designing your own.

All you need is a straight tube, ideally made of glass. Some ideas include a glass cup you never use and an old candle holder.

All you need is to add the mouthpiece and bowl. You can make them out of a straw and cupping aluminum foil to hold the nug.

Beaker and Round Base

The beaker is the same as the straight tube, except there’s a larger beaker-like structure supporting the bong.

Many bottles naturally have the beaker-like end that provides better support for your bong. You can also choose a round base, where the base is larger than the next but the shape is rounded.

Your best bet is the beaker used in science classes. Other popular options include a jar and a jug.

Multi-Chamber Bongs

Multi-chamber bongs are also known as recycler bongs.

They have the standard straight tube as well as additional chambers. The different chambers help cool down the smoke, resulting in a powerful but easy hit.

Multi-chamber bongs are expensive. If you’re a good bong craftsman, you can make your own using two or more 20 Oz bottles.


Percolators are a filtering mechanism that cleans the smoke, making your hit easier.

Percolators can be made DIY but they’re not easy to make. It’s recommended you buy these bongs from the store.

If you do want to make a percolator bong, you’ll need to create a homemade percolator. An old prescription pill bottle works — just cut a hole at the bottom and puncture small holes at the top to filter out the smoke.


A gravity bong consists of two plastic bottles that funnel smoke through water.

There are professional gravity bong options but most users make their own. Gravity bongs are easy and affordable to make.

Just fill one plastic bottle with water, cut the mouthpiece of the second one, create a bowl, and you’re ready to go!

The Material

One of the benefits of purchasing a professional bong is ensuring you’re smoking out of a safe material.

Most professional bongs are made of:

  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Bamboo

Glass is the most preferred material for homemade bongs. It’s easy to access and is the safest smoking material. Ceramic and metal are also popular because they’re readily available.

While plastic is also common, consumer-grade plastic isn’t as safe as the plastic professional bong makers use. You can still get away with using a plastic chamber for the smoke.

Bamboo bongs are the most difficult to make DIY.

First, bamboo isn’t readily available to many people. The process contains lots of cutting and drilling. If you want to make your smoking experience eco-friendly and natural, you can buy a pre-made bamboo bong.

And we forgot one classic material — fruit! Fruit bongs are the quintessential homemade bongs. Sure, you may not have a water bottle or glass jar on hand. But you can find an apple in your fridge.

There are safety concerns with fruit bongs. Never use mushy fruit. Avoid using fruits that contain lots of juice, such as oranges. Apples are the best option. You can also carve the fruit out of watermelon or pineapple.

Half Store-Bought and Half DIY

Your homemade bong doesn’t have to be completely DIY.

For example, if you want to save money by creating your own chamber, you can purchase some materials to make your bong more efficient and safe.

You can purchase materials such as a downstem and a bowl from the store.

Safety Concerns

Homemade bongs are cheaper and are pretty easy to make.

However, there are some safety concerns that may make it worth it to purchase a store-bought bong.

Aluminum Foil

Many homemade bongs require shaping a bowl out of aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil is always used because it helps absorb heat. However, it can give off harmful vapors when burned directly.

Plastic Straw

Plastic straws are commonly used as mouthpieces.

You should never burn plastic, including plastic straws. Plastic straws are also weak in structure. It’s recommended you use a metal straw instead.


Try to not tape your bong.

The tape also gives off harmful fumes when exposed to heat.


Homemade bongs get the job done — but a homemade bong usually looks like, well, a homemade bong.

One of the reasons store-bought bongs are more expensive is because they’re carefully crafted and feature amazing artwork.

Many bong manufacturers collaborate with artists to design amazing bongs. Many bongs are painted and use intricate glass blowing techniques to hold a unique shape.

While these may not perform better than a homemade bong, store-bought bongs at least look better than a couple of water bottles in a bucket of water.

Store-Bought vs. Homemade Bong: The Final Verdict

So, which is better: a store-bought bong or homemade bongs?

This all depends on your preference.

While homemade bongs are affordable and are easy to make, you have to worry about safety. Homemade bongs usually don’t look that attractive compared to store-bought bongs.

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