The origins of gag gifts are unknown, but one thing is sure: all humans enjoy good laughter, even those you don’t know well. So, the next time you’re confused about a gift for someone impossible to shop for, consider an offering that will make them smile. Gag gift ideas should always imply that you want the recipient to stay the same.

It should also not make fun of anything they dislike about themselves. A gag gift is a non-expensive token. It is usually not costly, but this is not a hard and fast rule.

Laughter is a universal enjoyment, but what causes us to laugh differs from person to person. That is why it is critical to consider for whom you buy the gifts. You should choose something that can be used and demonstrates that you “get” the other person without criticizing or criticizing them.

Continue reading to learn everything necessary about the various ideas of gag gifts on Christmas and how to get started.

Comfortable Christmas Slippers

These holiday gifts are best for women you know well and are for adults. To make a pair of Christmas “slippers,” use four maxi pads: one large pad for the sole of each slipper and a second pad for the part that goes over your foot. Make them festive by decorating them with red and green markers and attaching shredded tampons as tassels.

Dropped Cookies

Looking for a funny gag gift for a friend or family member this Christmas? Why not give them a jar of dropped cookies? This gift is sure to get a laugh and a great way to show your baking skills.

Bake some cookies, then drop them on the floor before wrapping them. Your loved ones will surely get a good chuckle from this unique gift. Attach a message informing the recipient that you have saved the “dropped” cookies.

Coal for the Holidays

Coal is a popular gag gift for Christmas, and there are a few reasons why. First, it’s a cheap gift that you can easily find. Second, it’s a way to poke fun at the recipient. And third, it’s a way to spread holiday cheer in a slightly naughty way. Consider giving coal if you’re looking for a gag gift for Christmas. It’s sure to get a laugh and might be the perfect way to show your holiday spirit.

The White Elephant Gift

The White Elephant gift rules are straightforward. Each person wraps a gift and places it on a table before drawing a number. Are you looking for something to wrap? You can find some snow globe collections at Demented Penguins.

Gag Gifts That Will Make You Laugh

There are numerous options available if you want Christmas gag gift ideas. You can give a toilet plunger with a bow, moldy cheese, or expired candy to a friend or family member. You can be used and also make a do-it-yourself gift, such as a pair of socks with the toes cut off or a “funny gifts certificate” for a day of chores.

Whatever you choose, ensure that it will make the recipient laugh.

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