Did you know that Vikings had a myriad of cool hairstyles that you can use to style yours today? Scratching your head because you are trying to think of ways to showcase your inner Viking spirit but keep getting stuck?

If you need some good examples of traditional viking hairstyles you can use to try and revive, then keep reading to see some of our favorites!

1. Braid It Up

Traditional Viking hairstyles allow us to turn back the clock and learn from Viking culture and heritage. Viking hairstyles were diverse, ranging from long and flowing to short and precise. Popular among Scandinavian men, Vikings traditionally sported long hair with a braid at the nape of their neck.

The hairstyle typically included shaved sides, and a few small tufts left on the sides and back of their neck. This simple look is versatile and easy to maintain and is a timeless representation of Viking culture.

2. Iconic Hairdos of the Norsemen

Top knots and side knots were iconic styles of the time. To achieve a top knot, the path was to gather one’s hair near the scalp and tie it up in a knot. This style was kept in check with the help of a bronze or iron clasp or comb.

Side knots were slightly more elaborate, with the hair being divided into two sections and each side twisted up in a knot. Viking shieldmaidens were known to wear a conical-shaped cap or wig on top of their hair to make the look that much more striking in their viking clothes.

While time has changed and hairstyles have evolved, anyone looking for a classic, old-world style can take after traditional Viking hairdos for modern-day inspiration.

3. Getting the Viking Hair Look

With its Long flowing locks, it’s a classic look that’s perfect for any occasion. For those who want to get the look, the key ingredients are long hair and a side parting.

To start off the easy viking hair, do a side part and comb the hair back before you start braiding the long ponytails. Begin by dividing the hair into four sections, starting on one side of the head and creating a loose braid using three strands. Continue the braid down the back and to the end of the sections.

Secure the braid with an elastic band, and then repeat the process on the other side of the head. Use hairspray and a little hair wax to make sure that the viking braids stay secure all day long.

4. Viking Hair Decor for Men

A popular style is a long, loose, and messy braid that features Viking hair accessories such as a beard or mustache braid ring, a leather braided headband, or a metal torc. Viking hair accessories or kept simple and natural with just a leather band. It’s all about individual style and choices when it comes to Viking hair decor for men, whether you want to go for something wild and creative or stick to the traditional.

Vikings were known for their bold haircuts, and it’s no surprise modern-day men are finding inspiration from the brave warriors. Hair accessories have embraced the Viking song and offer a unique way of expressing style.

From small vintage hand-carved hair-pins to intricate metal comb brooches, the final look can be stunning. All forms of braiding and dreadlocks, Celtic patterns, and Viking symbols can be used to complement the chosen look. Viking hairstyle accessories are the perfect finishing touch to any look and are ideal for men of all ages.

5. Bravely Sporting the ‘Husband’s Knot

The husband’s knot is a traditional hairstyle from Viking culture that is still seen today. It was given its name due to its resemblance to bonds that would be used to tie two people together in a married couple. The hairstyle consists of a knot on either the right or left side of the head, using the hair to tie it in place.

It was often used to show the strength of a husband in his relationship, representing his commitment and courage. In some cases, it was even seen as a symbol of fertility and good luck. This hairstyle became popular again due to its appearance in the popular T.V. show Vikings.

Those sporting this hairstyle have been able to express their appreciation for the culture and spirit of the Viking era. It is a bold look that commands attention. Those willing to bravely sport the husband’s knot will surely turn many heads and make an impression.

6. Modern Interpretations of Old Norse Styling

Traditional Viking hairstyles are the epitome of rugged masculinity and strength.  Modern interpreters of Norse styling are often opting to keep some of the classic features such as long hair and a rough texture. The traditional ponytails still reign supreme.

Hairstyles carried out in the traditional Viking style have become so popular they form an important part of Norse culture. Through the modern interpretation of old Norse styling, people can pay tribute to this past while simultaneously embracing the ever-evolving fashion trends of today.

Try Traditional Viking Hairstyles Today

Traditional Viking hairstyles are bold and beautiful and can be a great way to express your inner Viking. We love how authentic they look and the level of detail they add to any look.

For those looking to fully immerse themselves in Viking culture, now is the time to experiment with these hairstyles. Go ahead and give it a try!

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