About to go into business for yourself? Already there, but still trying to get some traction in your market segment?

No matter your situation, everyone could use a pearl of wisdom every so often, as it is best to learn from the example of others instead of learning via trial and error.

Hans Eckhardt Tucson took on a mentor years ago, and because of this decision, he managed to install many success habits into his daily routine.

Eventually, these practices began to bear fruit, and as a result, he has found the success he always wanted to achieve in business.

Want to dominate your business sector in the same way Hans has? In this post, we’ll elaborate on some of the best success habits you can incorporate into your daily life.

1) They are physically active and they eat clean

It’s hard to crush the business world when you out of shape and you shovel nothing but crap into your mouth.

Simply put, those who are physically fit possess a surplus of energy that makes it easy for them to power through their day.

Often up at the first light of dawn, successful entrepreneurs are usually the first joggers you’ll see rounding the block in the mornings.

They also fit in physical activity wherever they can by climbing stairs over the escalator in metro stations, busting out impromptu squats during trips to the toilet, or doing push ups whenever they can get a minute alone.

They also eat well, as optimal nutrition has even more to do with high energy levels than exercise does. They avoid sugary snacks and meals with high amounts of white carbs, and flock to foods with plenty of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Doing so allows them to have a seemingly limitless reservoir of energy that allows them to keep going long after others have waved the white flag.

2) They cut back on decision points that are irrelevant

Nothing will exhaust you more than having to make decisions all day long. This is the reality of being a founder, so it is vital that you limit the amount of choices you make in an average day to those that are absolutely necessary.

There is a reason Mark Zuckerberg famously dressed up in a uniform that consisted of his ubiquitous gray hoodie and a pair of flip flops – it took no thought at all to put it on in the morning.

Tim Ferriss often ate from a limited breakfast menu during his startup days, and continues to do so today.

By getting rid of inconsequential decisions, you allow yourself to focus on the choices that truly matter. As such, the quality of the decisions you make will improve once you filter out problems that aren’t really problems in the grand scheme of things.

3) They find an acceptable work/life balance

Startup life can be intense, but realize that there is more to life than work. After all, what is the use of all the money you’ll make if you don’t have time or people to enjoy it with?

Because of this irrefutable fact, entrepreneurs that are successful book time away from work like it is a highly valued appointment.

If clients or other interests try to intrude on that time, they go to great lengths to defend it, as it is often more valuable than a meeting with a high-value business partner.