Your vehicle is a major investment. If you ever need to ship it somewhere, perhaps because you’re moving, you want to ensure it remains safe in transit. Thus, you may be wondering whether open car shipping is safe, or whether you should opt for enclosed car shipping.

Keep reading to learn more. This article will cover the pros and cons of both, helping you better understand what is enclosed auto transport?

Open Car Shipping

Cost may be the main factor influencing your decision to choose open car shipping. Open transport tends to cost less than enclosed. It may also ensure a faster delivery time.

However, it’s important to be aware of the risk you may be taking if you choose open shipping. Typically, open car shipping involves shipping your vehicle on the back of an open truck with several other vehicles sharing the space. This naturally involves a certain degree of risk. Additionally, your vehicle will be exposed to the elements, and will have less protection from damage than it would in an enclosed trailer.

It’s also worth noting that there is a significant chance your vehicle will arrive at its destination somewhat dirty if you choose open shipping. Depending on the circumstances, you might not want to clean it. It could also be scratched or dented if it was struck by road debris.

Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed shipping, as the name implies, involves shipping your car inside an enclosed trailer. While this will often cost more than open car shipping, you once again need to remember that you’re technically deciding the degree to which you want to protect an important investment. Because there’s a greater chance your car will be damaged if you choose open shipping, choosing enclosed may be the wiser financial decision in the long run.

In many cases, drivers for enclosed car shipping companies have also been trained to care for luxury vehicles in a manner drivers for open car shipping companies have not. Enclosed car shipping may be thought of as giving your vehicle the white glove treatment. When you choose this service, you’re choosing to work with professionals who understand why you’re willing to pay extra.

The Verdict

This overview has likely helped you recognize that there’s no universal answer to the question of whether open or enclosed car shipping is “better.” Although you must account for the fact that open car shipping involves a greater risk of damage, if you choose the right company, they will likely have insurance that may cover damage your vehicle sustains in transit. That’s one of many reasons to choose a company with a positive reputation and robust insurance policy. If their insurance is sufficient, yes, you will likely save money choosing open car shipping.

On the other hand, even if there is a possibility insurance will reimburse you for damage to your vehicle, you might not want to run the risk of it being damaged simply because restoring it will take time. 

Additionally, with luxury vehicles, sometimes it will be impossible to replace certain rare original parts if they’re damaged. Some types of damage could thus permanently reduce the car’s value, even if it is eventually repaired. Such considerations may give you reason to choose enclosed car shipping.

The main point to remember is you need to carefully weigh your options when making a choice. You’ll be much more confident you’ve made the right decision if you take the time to weigh the pros and cons of each.