Although your brain is always active, some exercises can help improve brain function and memory. These exercises can also protect your brain from age-related deterioration. That said, you can benefit from incorporating some simple exercises into your daily life.

Let’s dive into eight exercises that have been proven to offer brain-boosting benefits.


While all exercises benefit your physical health, cycling can greatly benefit your mental health. Cycling can help grow your brain in the same way it grows your muscles. It increases blood flow to the brain and increases the production of proteins that are used to create new brain cells.

What’s more, riding increases activities that encourage more efficient communication between different parts of your brain.

There are many different types of bicycles available, so if you’re new to cycling, you should visit a bike shop for guidance. For example, if you live in Rogers, Arkansas, you can visit a Rogers bike shop. You should be able to find a shop that’s local and easily accessible to you.

Learn a new skill

A good way to exercise your brain and improve your memory is to learn new things. Therefore, if you’ve been meaning to try a new activity, consider looking up tutorial videos online and start learning. According to Penn Medicine, a good skill you should learn is playing a musical instrument. This is an enjoyable activity that has numerous benefits. It can improve your memory and focus, and increase your sense of productivity.

Teach a new skill

While learning a new skill is a great exercise to boost your memory, you can expand your learning by teaching someone else a skill. Once you learn a new skill, it’s important that you practice it. Teaching someone and explaining the concept will help you correct any mistakes. For instance, when you learn how to swing a golf club, teach a friend the steps.

Solve math problems

While math can be hard sometimes, it can help to stimulate your mind. The more you do mental math, the better your brain will be and you can solve complex calculations. To get started, try solving simple math equations in your mind and move on to solve more complex problems.

Dance more often

According to the CDC, learning new dance moves can help improve your brain’s processing speed and memory. If you would want to test this out, you can try one of the following dancing activities:

  • Try jazz or Zumba exercise classes
  • Take hip-hop, salsa, or contemporary dance classes
  • Convince your partner to join you in learning ballroom dance
  • Ask your friends to go line dancing
  • Watch fun dance moves that you’ve always wanted to learn

Use new routes when driving home

While this may seem like a simple exercise, taking a new route home can greatly help to stimulate your brain. This is because you will involve more senses to get home, which helps keep your brain alert instead of driving home mindlessly on a familiar route. Remember, avoiding boredom and ruts is vital to keeping your brain sharp.


Meditation involves focusing your attention in a calm and controlled way. Through meditation, you can calm your breath, reduce anxiety, slow down your breathing, and reduce stress. What’s more, meditation can help improve your memory. According to the NCCIH, meditation can also help slow down brain aging and boost your brain’s ability to process information.

Prepare a new cuisine

Do you love cooking? Taking a cooking class to help you prepare a new cuisine can help stimulate your brain and different senses, including sight, smell, and taste. Smell is the closest sense associated with memory, which makes cooking the perfect way to preserve memories.

Summing Up

Keeping your mind sharp is more important than ever before. Most people are still not getting the stimulation they once got from robust happy hours, populated offices, and social events. Therefore, to ensure that your memory remains strong, use the above tips to give your brain a regular workout.